Thursday, January 14, 2010

Kan Yon Restaurant | Hope, B.C. | 800 3rd Ave | 604.869.2212


Kan Yon Restaurant and A&W: these were pretty much the only restaurants my dad brought me to for lunch as a kid. A&W was sweet because there was a big hill behind the picnic tables that me and my sister would scamper around on. No doubt these lunchtime excursions probably led me to my first full time job as an A&W employee: a job that was more about covering for autumn faced women who took smoke breaks every five goddamn minutes than it was about relieving cherished childhood memories. My memories of the Kan Yon aren't as vivid as those of A&W, but, unlike the dub, it's still sort of a special place to me.

The only thing about the Kan Yon I really remember vividly was the large, empty room you had to go through to get to the bathrooms. The place looked like an Eagles Hall, with all sorts of reminders of forgotten royals crowding the walls, and a dark, hollow feel. Nowadays the Kan Yon looks like more of a straight up diner, and is sadly missing the cartoony map of Canada paper placemats it used to have (the type with caricatures marking the capitals, like a giant pig sniffing at the CN Tower next to HOGTOWN in big letters).

Though I used to go to the Kan Yon on almost a weekly basis, this may be the first time I've ever had one of their burgers. Back in the day I was all about grilled cheese, or possibly some chow mein. I'm sure the grilled cheese here is still a primo American/white toast blend, and possibly a better option than the burger.

Highly reminiscent of White Spot, this burger package is adorned with red relish and a healthy amount of mayo. The American cheddar is melted to perfect molten status, and the patty is your standard pre-frozen fare. With its soft sesame bun and Spotesque construction; this burger can certainly claim comfort-food credentials—but don't expect to feel all American Graffiti about it. This is a relatively satisfying White Spot clone for the price though.

VERDICT: Why visit a BC Ferries cafe when you can go to the Kan Yon!


Anonymous said...

At the risk of embarassing the editor... you used to call A&W "Day On Rootbeer" and rarely ate much of the burger or fries, but held out for the rootbeer flavoured sucker and the balloon. Yer dad would roll up to the house in the white station wagon, your sister and I would pile in and then we'd swing by and scoop you from school. It was still an honest to goodness drive-inn at the time and you thought the clip on trays were quite the deal. I feel compelled to remind you that the other restaurant we frequented was the Dairy Queen - on report card day - there you'd drool over the ice cream cakes. Mama

Duane said...

I used to live in Hope as a kid and remember my parents taking my brother and I to the Kan Yon on a weekly basis. I had totally forgot bout the placemats until you mentioned them. My memories of The Kan Yon burgers were that they were cut in half (something I do to this day).

I also remember before we moved to Abbotsford they had opened up 'Cindy's Burgers'. The treat there was the fact they gave you a Tootsie Roll under the bun of the burger. (The treat being you knew it was there before you choked on it)

Thanks for the memories

dk said...

Damn I don't remember Cindy's Burgers, how long ago was that/what was the story there(aside from the tootsie roll thing)?

Duane said...

That must have been around 1979-1980 ish? Great burgers actually.

The joke was that Hope couldn't afford a 'Wendy's' so Cindy stepped in. I think it was right near the Esso station as you came into town. I don't know how long they lasted.

It was owned by one of the guys locally and named after his daughter.


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