Saturday, November 28, 2009

Random Pizza AllNite Post

Called up Pizza AllNite last evening and (at around 10:30pm) they had sold out of burgers. Now selling out for them means about 28 sales (apx. 24 is their average), but that's still not too shabby for a pizza joint. Here's a link to my previous review of the Pizza AllNite burger (which is now $7 bucks post tax carry-out). While I was sitting in the shop chatting with the woman who makes the burgers (also an owner/manager) she was quick to point out that she has "gotten much better"at cooking the burgers since the last time I was in. I thought she was pretty decent to begin with, seeing as she's managed to turn a frozen patty into part of one of the more unique tasting burgers in the region (the fact that it's island beef certainly helps).

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Langley Burger Update

Yah so I'm kinda doggin' it on the burger review front lately. I've been working overnights which means I don't wake up until like 6 or 7pm, and then I stay up until about 8:30 in the morning. Nobody's serving burgers at 3am when I feel like dinner, so this means I probably haven't had a burger in almost a month. I'm not above having burgers for breakfast though (done it plenty of times before) so expect a new burger review hopefully sometime in the next week.

In lieu of a burger review this week, I have some exciting news! Five Guys Burgers and Fries is expanding its empire into Canada next year, and the search for employees to man the chain's forthcoming Langley location has already begun! For those who don't know, Five Guys is non-frozen fast-food burger chain that probably fits somewhere between Fatburger and In 'n' Out as far as love from critics. Also Obama is totally down with Five Guys.

I've never sampled Five Guys myself; I'm just happy that burger culture in Western Canada is continuing to grow. Vancouver In 'n' Out franchise in the next ten years? I predict the olympics will make it happen!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Reader Report | Bob's Restaurant | 3307 Cowichan Lake Road | Duncan B.C. | 250.748.6141

Editor's note: Back in June I asked for some reader help in determining whether or not the Big Bob Burger in Duncan was worth a road trip. Now thanks to Matthew Macalister, we have an answer, and that answer appears to be "no, not really". Thanks Matt!

I noticed that in June you asked for a recent picture of the Big Bob burger to determine whether it is worth making the trip to try it. I frequently visit my parents in Duncan and yesterday I took the opportunity to go to Bob's and sample the burger in question.

If size is your only requirement for making the trip to Duncan then the Big Bob most likely deserves a trip. If, however, quality is also a factor I would recommend a pass on this one. While many of the elements that make a good burger are present the quality of those elements is sadly lacking. I was pleased to see that mushrooms, cheese and bacon, iceberg lettuce and tomatoes come standard and the only condiment appears to be either mayo or some mild house sauce (Hard to tell, it could simply have been a huge amount of grease mixed with mayo that made it appear to be a sauce of sorts). The biggest issue with the burger is probably the "bun" used to contain these ingredients along with the two enormous beef patties. It is half a french loaf. This was not a good choice as a bun as it was far to large to fit into one's mouth and was very prone to becoming soggy.

While I cannot say that the Big Bob is bad value at $8.95 I still would not recommend it to any but the very hungry and broke.