Monday, December 21, 2009

A Note About Our Sponsors

As you have likely noticed (unless you are blind, severely dyslexic, or illiterate and you read this page with the help of some sort of web-reading software) Pizza AllNite is now the exclusive sponsor of the Victoria Burger Blog. Over the past year I have been able to develop a very positive relationship with the proprietors of Pizza AllNite, and was more than happy to accept their unsolicited offer of sponsorship earlier this month. Pizza AllNite has been providing my favourite cheap eats burger in the city for some time, and is pretty dope when it comes to pizza and wings as well. I also appreciate their commitment to buying meat which is raised and butchered on the island.

This sponsorship agreement will continue through 2010, and will be re-evaluated at the end of said year. As we now have a sponsor, I will soon be removing the Pay-Pal button from the sidebar. Also no one ever gave me money through it, so that's another reason it's going. Now feel free to move to the comments section and call me a sell-out.


Gaetano said...

sell out

Andy Moore said...

I didn't notice because I only read via RSS, but yeah. Sellout. :P

Time to go make my own burger blog in protest, never update it, then let the domain expire! that'll show you

Trevor G. said...

You should come up with a 'special' Burger Blog burger that can be offered to readers (of your blog) can mention and order when they phone in for a burger. Like I said in my last post though; their burgers haven't ever tasted as good as the last time I ordered. Super juicy and had a litle crust on the patty. Best taste to value ratio that I've had in a burger. Still not fond of their pizzas (my opinion only); and I've ordered 3 times. Oh well, it's a definite go to for the meat and bun combo. Also, I'll be doing a trip to San Fran in the spring. Besides In-N-Out, doyouhave any suggestions? I'm thinking of even making the drive to Sacramento to divulge in the Squeeze-Inn, but any others in the San Fran area you have experienced?

dk said...

I've only had a few burgers in the San Francisco area, and didn't end up getting to any of the real hotspots. Suter's is an ok build your own burger place. Joe's Cable Car is the really famous place there that is probably worth checking out.

Also not burgers, but you should check out Taqueira San Jose in the Mission District.

This site is a pretty decent resource (though no recent updates) as far as burgers in Frisco and the Bay area goes:

Trevor G. said...

I hate to point it out... but the Pizza All-Nite logo/mascot guy has a suspicious bulge in his apron. Perhaps he enjoys pizza as much as his readers?