Friday, December 11, 2009

Fast Food Update: Burger King Bourbon Whopper

Price: Apx. $5.50

Burger King's got a pretty good thing going. Way back in '52 it's founders had a little lookey-loo at the original McDonald's in San Bernardino and figured, "Hey, we can do that." Two years later they invented the Whopper, and jacked it's price up to more than twice that of McDonald's product (countless Burger King franchise owners are wishing this was still the case). Thanks to a vigorous media campaign that has rarely let up; here we are more than fourty years later and Burger King, despite trying out lots of unique products recently, is still a McDonald's clone at its core. This is why it's so nice when they tweak the Whopper to be more than a ketchup drenched wannabe burger.

The latest attempt at fiddling with the formula, the Bourbon Whopper, is easily better than its predecessor the Angry Whopper (althought that was not bad either). The biggest advantage the BW has is its lack of ketchup. Although the bourbon sauce employed in the package is almost sickly sweet (I agree with Burger Beast's assertion that it tastes like teriyaki sauce), it doesn't overpower the package like the gobs of ketchup in the Angry Whopper did.

As much as the "Angry" was supposed to be "extreme", it was a bit of a fucking pussy wasn't it? I mean is there any other burger topping as dainty as onion straws? Onion rings might not exactly be loud and in your face, but at least they're nice and meaty: they also do a better job of staying in place within the burger unit.

If the Angry Whopper was the "hot" version of the old classic, then the Bourbon Whopper is the "sweet" version. Aside from the sauces, and the onion rings/straws thing, these recent variations on the classic are pretty similar. Both burgers come standard with bacon and cheese, and both are messy, comforting eats. Though the teriyaki-style flavour of the bourbon sauce in this exciting new venture seems almost too much to handle at times, I still think it's a winner. I'll take "sweet" over some sort of faux-extreme eats bullshit any day.

VERDICT: A worthwhile variation on one of the most succesful fast-food burgers in history.


Anonymous said...

hmmm, part of me thinks the mucky muck PR guys at Burger King will be brining a Whopper by to try on the radio. can't wait!

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