Thursday, December 31, 2009

Largely the Truth Weigh in on Pink Bike

Fellow bloggers LTT have just upped a Pink Bike review and they seem to be saying what everyone else says about the bike: it seriously lacks consistency.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas/Belated Channukah Greetings/Happy Holidays/Joyeux Festivus etc.

I'm stuck at work right now, so no snowy playday pictures this year. The blog'll be back post-santa day with a review of Sauce and hopefully a brand new Kelebrity Korner with Tyler Fedchuck (providing the Discorder cover-boy ever sends me back the questionnaire).

Merry Merry Merry until we speak again.

Monday, December 21, 2009

A Note About Our Sponsors

As you have likely noticed (unless you are blind, severely dyslexic, or illiterate and you read this page with the help of some sort of web-reading software) Pizza AllNite is now the exclusive sponsor of the Victoria Burger Blog. Over the past year I have been able to develop a very positive relationship with the proprietors of Pizza AllNite, and was more than happy to accept their unsolicited offer of sponsorship earlier this month. Pizza AllNite has been providing my favourite cheap eats burger in the city for some time, and is pretty dope when it comes to pizza and wings as well. I also appreciate their commitment to buying meat which is raised and butchered on the island.

This sponsorship agreement will continue through 2010, and will be re-evaluated at the end of said year. As we now have a sponsor, I will soon be removing the Pay-Pal button from the sidebar. Also no one ever gave me money through it, so that's another reason it's going. Now feel free to move to the comments section and call me a sell-out.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Off Topic Spamalicious Action: Vote for Kergin

Brendan Kergin: sporadic pub blogger, Nexus columnist and former feature writer, toast-humourist, my friend. Brendan is so many things, and with a little help from you... he could be one thing more.

Our little Kerg-muffin is in a close race to become an official olympic games blogger for Hosteling International. You can do your part to send him on his way by signing up here and lending your vote. After all, the holidays are all about helping friends... and the olympics... and blogging. So just go ahead and help out our buddy kay?

Saturday, December 12, 2009

New Victoria Food Blog: Largely the Truth

A couple of party-goin', shoe-stealin', chew-spittin' mahfuckas from Revelstoke (actually they probably don't do any of these things, but every Revelstoke transplant I knew back in Kamloops did) have just started up a new Victoria restaurant review blog. The newly minted Van-Islanders, Max and Bren, have already covered Alzu's and Baan Thai after jumping online just a few days ago. The blog could use some photos, but otherwise they seem to have a pretty good formula going.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Fast Food Update: Burger King Bourbon Whopper

Price: Apx. $5.50

Burger King's got a pretty good thing going. Way back in '52 it's founders had a little lookey-loo at the original McDonald's in San Bernardino and figured, "Hey, we can do that." Two years later they invented the Whopper, and jacked it's price up to more than twice that of McDonald's product (countless Burger King franchise owners are wishing this was still the case). Thanks to a vigorous media campaign that has rarely let up; here we are more than fourty years later and Burger King, despite trying out lots of unique products recently, is still a McDonald's clone at its core. This is why it's so nice when they tweak the Whopper to be more than a ketchup drenched wannabe burger.

The latest attempt at fiddling with the formula, the Bourbon Whopper, is easily better than its predecessor the Angry Whopper (althought that was not bad either). The biggest advantage the BW has is its lack of ketchup. Although the bourbon sauce employed in the package is almost sickly sweet (I agree with Burger Beast's assertion that it tastes like teriyaki sauce), it doesn't overpower the package like the gobs of ketchup in the Angry Whopper did.

As much as the "Angry" was supposed to be "extreme", it was a bit of a fucking pussy wasn't it? I mean is there any other burger topping as dainty as onion straws? Onion rings might not exactly be loud and in your face, but at least they're nice and meaty: they also do a better job of staying in place within the burger unit.

If the Angry Whopper was the "hot" version of the old classic, then the Bourbon Whopper is the "sweet" version. Aside from the sauces, and the onion rings/straws thing, these recent variations on the classic are pretty similar. Both burgers come standard with bacon and cheese, and both are messy, comforting eats. Though the teriyaki-style flavour of the bourbon sauce in this exciting new venture seems almost too much to handle at times, I still think it's a winner. I'll take "sweet" over some sort of faux-extreme eats bullshit any day.

VERDICT: A worthwhile variation on one of the most succesful fast-food burgers in history.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Murder By Burger!

Ordering a burger can be a dangerous proposition—especially if you have a homicidal husband. Order it open face and that crazy motherfucker is gonna rip your cheeks off and run away with his mistress while your heart bleeds an untrue love out of your mangled mug. Oh you order with diced pickles? Make sure you hide the knives from your murderous man! What about smothered in onions... well let's go to the tape shall we?

Click the old play button down below this paragraph to enjoy all mentions of burgers from the September 12, 1949 episode of the radio serial "Murder By Experts". To listen to everything in context, go to this link and listen to the episode entitled "I Dreampt I Died". I won't spoil the story for you, but I will say again... burger buyer beware when dining out with a batshit insane adulterer.

The Reef Caribbean Restaurant | 533 Yates Street | 250.388.JERK |

Mo-Ca Burger

To mangle a line from an infamous fake person, "I know it's been a long time since I rapped at ya, but breakfast's at 7:00pm these days, and shit's gone all topsy turvy." Ya, so apologies for neglecting you pretty people for so many weeks, hopefully I'll be back in a regular burger-munching rhythm soon.

So the Reef eh? Despite some of this burger's quirks, I think it's still one of my preferred options in the city. The give and take in this package starts with the patty; although it's texture is perhaps a tad mealy, the flavour is peppery and pleasant (it's jerk seasoned) and blends well with what I assume was a house made jerk aioli (which is a thousand times better than the essentially dumbed down version—chili aioli and bbq sauce—that other restaurants use as a condiment mix).

The second condiment adorning the patty is a fresh tomato salsa. Nestled underneath the salsa is a slice of grilled pineapple. I have an inkling that the pineapple might be more effective as part of the salsa, as on its own as a meaty chunk it takes the balance of this unit a little off track.

The last point to be made is on the bun:burger ratio: it ain't perfect, but I'll let it slide. Although it's a tad large, the mouth-feel of the Portugese bun couples well with the rest of the burger elements (including the mega-melty provolone). All right, so that's all I have to say about this one. I hope you all missed me, but in reality I'm sure you've been busy weather-stripping your homes, or doing whatever people that don't eat cheeseburgers for breakfast do around this time of year.

Jimmy Nguyen "Blissed Out" Chime In!!!!!!

I couldn't decide whether or not the football shape of the bun is a good thing or a bad thing, as the patty is a regular round one; I was nevertheless fascinated, as this is an interesting change from the conventional burger.

The burger has an interesting zing to it. The patty was well cooked and well seasoned with exotic flavours. The slice of pineapple adds an interesting burst of juiciness into the burger, and is well held in its place by a layer of cheese which is melded nicely to the patty.

On their own, none of the ingredients were outstanding. But when assembled together, they create a nice blend that triggers all taste buds. It was really a dish that takes you all the way to the Caribbean, or perhaps I was simply hearing the ocean waves inside my head.

VERDICT: Worth a look despite faults that might fell other burgers.