Thursday, November 26, 2009

Langley Burger Update

Yah so I'm kinda doggin' it on the burger review front lately. I've been working overnights which means I don't wake up until like 6 or 7pm, and then I stay up until about 8:30 in the morning. Nobody's serving burgers at 3am when I feel like dinner, so this means I probably haven't had a burger in almost a month. I'm not above having burgers for breakfast though (done it plenty of times before) so expect a new burger review hopefully sometime in the next week.

In lieu of a burger review this week, I have some exciting news! Five Guys Burgers and Fries is expanding its empire into Canada next year, and the search for employees to man the chain's forthcoming Langley location has already begun! For those who don't know, Five Guys is non-frozen fast-food burger chain that probably fits somewhere between Fatburger and In 'n' Out as far as love from critics. Also Obama is totally down with Five Guys.

I've never sampled Five Guys myself; I'm just happy that burger culture in Western Canada is continuing to grow. Vancouver In 'n' Out franchise in the next ten years? I predict the olympics will make it happen!


Happy_pats said...

Glad to see your alive!

I would die for an In 'n' Out on Douglas Street.

Anonymous said...

lol @ "I've never sampled Five Guys myself". Good to see you back.

dmanaussie said...

Hi I'm a big fan, just started a burger blog myself actually, nothing like yours though....maybe you can take a look and let me know what you think??

Victoria burger lover said...

Assuming that the franchise is true to its roots, burgermeisters will not be disappointed. I've had the Five Guys burger in Virginia, and they're deeelicious.