Monday, October 5, 2009

Open Invitation to Kelly Clarkson

Hi Kelly,

So you're coming to Victoria next month... wanna grab a cheeseburger? I'm really trying to kick this Kelebrity Korner thing into high gear, and I could totally use your help. Tell Reba's hubby it's totally cool for him to tag along and bring friends.


Donald Kennedy
Founder Victoria Burger Blog


Planman said...

Nevermind KC, about Scott Weiland from STP, or the guys from Blue Rodeo? Or hey, Pauly Shore is comin' to town in January!

Kyle said...

She is from Texas, I'm sure she wouldn't be able to resist a burger.

dk said...

dudes from blue rodeo might be fun, they're fans of A New Rome and the brother of one of the members posed for Honcho once... not that that has anything to do with burgers, but they seem like they'd be fun even if I'm not really all that into their tunes.

Anonymous said...

Ms Clarkson certainly could do without (another) burger and fries. Did you see her last time on SNL? Barely fit on my widescreen TV. Maybe invite her for sushi or something healthier.

Shermy said...

Ms. Clarkson has always been OK with being a little zaftig. And some of us love her for it. She's a burger lover, no doubt about it.