Thursday, October 8, 2009

New Victoria Food Blog

Some dude named Kyle just started a new Victoria-centric food review blog titled "Grub Ahoy!". Looks good, could possibly benefit from more in depth analysis, but no need for me to play the role of critical asshole when he's only one post in. Thanks for linking to us Kyle, and I look forward to seeing where you end up. Everyone at the Burger Blog wishes you good luck and good food. HEEEEEYUCKKKKKK!


Kyle said...

Thanks a brunch! Sorry I couldn't resist a lame food joke.

HighInBC said...

I am just starting:

It is a wiki which means anyone can add content and edit existing content.

It does not have much content yet but I am pre-populating it with every food establishment in the Victoria area using the Vancouver Island Health Authority data.

Each page will soon have a base set of information including the results of every health inspection in the three years and a google map to its address.

(I hope this is not seen as spam as it is on topic, if this is too spammy for you please accept my apologies)

dk said...

Nah it's cool. You seem legit, and I guess you aren't really trying to make any money off this. Also I imagine readers would probably be interested in this.

Also if you end up directing traffic to the burger blog obviously I have no qualms.

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