Sunday, October 18, 2009

Burger 55 | 85 Westminster Avenue East | Penticton B.C. | 778.476.5529 |

Build-Your-Own Burgers
(add $1 for cheese)
(add $1.55 for drunken caramalized onions)

Editor's Note: This Penticton burger report comes to us from Tim Bissky (some photo credit to Wendy Bissky). Tim is a former restaurateur, long-time foodie, maker of (along with his wife) some killer chili dill pickles, and a man that knows how to throw one hell of an Ukrainian Christmas dinner party. He also happens to be the father of our Lower Mainland/Interior burger correspondent Miles Bissky. Thanks to Tim and Wendy for filing this report. Now let's enjoy it together shall we?

A vintage tire shop has been transformed into a happening burger place. It is designed mainly for take-out but you can fax your order in and it will be ready in about twenty minutes.
There are a few seats inside where you can eat at the counter and there are picnic tables outside.

I admit it. I am a serious foodie. I've been going and looking at what has been going on at this place for a few weeks now, ever since I heard that there was going to be a burger joint at this location. I cruised by at about 5:30 last Sunday night and screeched the car to a halt when I saw the open sign. My wife and I entered through the front door which had been recently decorated with an explosion of colorful bubbles and an orange gum ball with the number 55 painted on it.

(According to Steve and Chris, they had spent many hours driving back from Vegas and they began to interview inanimate objects! One of the objects interviewed was an orange gum ball and the idea for Burger 55 was hatched. You know what happened next. )

A chalkboard directs you to a wall section where there are about a dozen clip boards hanging. Take one and begin to create your own vision/version of the perfect burger. You begin with a classic white hamburger bun, cracked wheat, Bun 55( cheese, herbs and onions), sausage dog bun and whole wheat tortilla and those are your choices for buns! It goes on from there through the choices of cheeses, sauces etc...

Our salad was an interesting mix of market fresh greens. It also included roasted red peppers, shreds of beets, shreds of carrot, Bermuda onion (purple) and a homemade vinaigrette with extra virgin olive oil. It needed a bit more vinegar, for my taste, but they qualified it by saying “that their dressing recipe is being fine tuned”.

For the meat we both chose a patty of custom ground Alberta grain fed Black Angus chuck. We chose one traditional deluxe cheese burger with a toasted fresh white bread hamburger bun, aged cheddar, 5.5 oz. of fresh perfectly cooked beef, Hellman's mayonnaise, Bick's sliced dill pickle, lettuce, tomato. I thought the burger was delicious and I remarked on how good the onions were. They told us, “To make the caramelized drunken onions we use a heavy beef stock, fresh rosemary, thyme and sauteed yellow onions all marinated in a good Okanagan Merlot.” Our other choice of burger was a Mexicanized one with roasted corn and hot sauce in a warm tortilla wrap. Awesome! For an interesting and retro cool side dish we ordered deep fried onion rings that were finished with a homemade whiskey glaze

The total cost of the burgers, fried onion rings, salad, and wrap came to $23.57 plus tip. We even splurged on a Burger 55 T-shirt ($20.00 even) for the son of a burger lover.

VERDICT: It was good food and a fun time—check it out!


Anonymous said...

phone number is actually 778-476-5529.

thanks so much!!

Anonymous said...

My first burger with an egg!! Food was AMAZING!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I have got to say this..for a while I have been driving by the place wondering how good it truly is and well today I found out, you guys rock it so darn good that I will continue to eat there every afternoon. And this comes from a guy who opened up a burger joint last year and your burgers are five times as good as mine will ever be. Keep up the good work guys and I'll see yah there tomorow afternoon.

Anonymous said...

where is my damn burger im to drunk for this shit
ps dont spit on it tho please