Friday, September 4, 2009

Kelebrity Korner #2: Melanie Moore at Aura

Okay I know what you're going to say. "Who the fuck is this person? This isn't a kelebrity! Where are Hudson Mack and Susie Hahn already?" Well your criticism wouldn't be completely misplaced, but let me try to justify the decision of allowing Ms. Moore to appear as a part of Kelebrity Korner: Ms. Moore shares names with an award-winning '90's porn star, and she too has gotten naked for an audience. That might not be enough for you, but it's kelebrity kredential enough for us creeps at the Burger Blog (that and we figured plugging her Fringe Fest show would be noble of us).

So who exactly is Melanie Moore? She's a UVIC Theatre grad currently performing as part of "Pretty Little Instincts" at this year's Victoria Fringe Festival. After finishing school in Victoria, she moved to Vancouver where she now affiliates herself with Itsazoo Productions. She also does some non-performing arts based work too. A while ago in the comments section of this very blog she wondered aloud, "if anyone in BC has had a decent burger before." It sounded like a challenge, so we took it.

Now on to the questionnaire...

Where is your favourite burger in Victoria (SPOILER ALERT!!!)?

My favourite burger in Victoria is at Aura (now that I've been there)!!


It's not so much about the patty but the delightful execution of it... and the toppings.

What is the best burger you've ever had?

The best burger is any burger from The Works in Ottawa, as long as it's an organic beef patty.

Name your best and worst ever burger experiences.

My best friend Jane and I had to kill some time at the Stansted airport in London before we went to Glasgow. We decided to split a burger at the Irish pub chain O'Neill's. I have no idea what that burger was, if it was even made from cow beef, what was on it... it was as if they slapped dog food on a patty and called it a burger. It was the worst burger of my life, possibly the worst food at any restaurant ever. If you find yourself in the UK, never eat there. But as a word to the wise: generally all burgers in the UK are nasty.

My favourite burger experiences are when you're surprised. I remember being shocked by the quality of the burger at this hole-in-the-wall pub called Penny Lane in East Vancouver. Any time I've ever eaten at the Works in Ottawa has been amazing.

Name another local kelebrity you wish you were.

I love Celine and Treena Stubel. They are incredibly inspiring actors and movers and just overall beautiful women. My good friend Sarah Pelzer (actor/singer) has a fantastic soprano voice that I wouldn't mind trying on for size.

What is the best burger-centric movie of all time: Hamburger America, Fast Food, Hamburger: The Motion Picture, or "Other"?

Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle. No other movie accurately depicts what some of us will go through to satisfy our cravings.

Melanie Moore Reviews The Point Burger!

I was very skeptical of the Aura burger, especially since it's a supplier patty. However, now that I have tried it, I can safely say that it's the best burger I have had in BC (so far). The supplier patty is AAA and quite tasty. The mushrooms and cheese were so saucy and melt-in-your mouth. I could see the whole mustard grains on the bun, so that's bonus points for me. Great in-house made sesame bun, great fixings. There aren't many surprises from this burger, but that's what makes it so great: Aura's burger is a well-executed classic.

Editor's Note: There you have it! Another skeptic skewered by the Burger Blog! If you'd like to see Melanie and some of her friends naked, you can catch her performing in Pretty Little Instincts (review here) Sept 5-6 7:30pm, and Sept 9-11 7:00pm at Point Ellice Heritage House.

If you are a local or traveling kelebrity who would like to be a part of Kelebrity Korner, please email


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Anonymous said...

I really do need to hit this Aura you speak so fondly of!

oh I went back to Cabin 12 and got that monster Harl's Burger. yup, good.