Monday, September 14, 2009

Jesse's Grill | 1109 McKenzie Street (Behind Cook Street Village Food Court)

(add 75¢ for cheese)

Perhaps as part of Victoria's never-ending quest to co-opt as many ideas from Portland as possible, a permanent food-cart settlement has recently been set up adjacent to the Cook Street Village Food Court. Some would say we'd be better off taking Portland's "ban vagrants from downtown" idea, or their "put bacon on donuts" idea, but sometimes you have to start with baby-steps.

Jesse's is currently the go-to spot in our local conglomeration of carts if you're looking for a burger. I'm feeling the need to make some sort of douche-chill inducing Rick Sprinfield related joke, but I think I'll just move straight into the review instead.

As should be the case with most burgers, the flavour of the patty at Jesse's is immediately identifiable within its unit. Jesse's serves beef that is ground at Pepper's Foods in Cadboro Bay, aged 21 days (the average for supermarket beef is around 7) and then sent to the Cook Street Cart. The flame-grilled patties at Jesse's have a very distinct honey-like flavour. I couldn't really determine if this was a by-product of the aging process, or the flavour of caramelized onions being infused with the meat. I think this flavour probably would have balanced out decently if I had ordered bacon as a topping, but with just cheese and the regular fix-ins (choose ketchup, mustard, or relish from the fix-it-yourself table) it feels a little sweet to my tastebuds.

Otherwise there's not much to say about this one—sort of just a slightly upscale festival-fundraiser style burger.

VERDICT: It's okay, but certainly not my favourite cheapskate burger in the city.


jonnny.milano said...

so, what is the best cheap burg in Vic.?

dk said...

My favourite cheapskate burger is probably either Canarvon or Lambrick Little League, but since those aren't available this time of year...

hands down has to be Pizza All-Nite. They use a frozen patty, but it still has a really nice, unique flavour, and whenever I've been in there they haven't charged me for extra add-ons (carry-out price last time I was there for a burger with pepperoni, bacon, cheddar/swiss, and maybe a couple other add-ons was only 6 bucks and that includes fries).

Price is right, taste is good, and the people there are awesome. I like the burger at Gathering Place too, even though it has that weird gelatanous chinese-patty style.

jonnny.milano said...

Wow, thanks for all of the super good info! I will check out Pizza AllNite and let you know my thoughts. I've just been diagnosed celiac so I'm going to have to bring my own bun. "Pepperoni, bacon, cheddar/swiss" has my mouth actually watering!

Not too excited about The Gathering Place. Gelatanous patty? Ew.

morningaftershow said...

I keep hearing about the Pizza All Night burger... I think I better check it out!

dk said...

yah you really should

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