Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Jasmine's Restaurant | 1610 Island Highway | Colwood, B.C. (Just Before Colwood Corners) | 250.391.8648

(add $1.50 for American Cheese)

The burger philosophy employed by Jasmine's is really no different than that of many other family-style restaurants; the main ingredients are chemically enhanced, and everything looks just a little impersonal. As lazy looking as the package at Jasmine's is, it still manages to be significantly more enjoyable than some of its peers.

The supplier patty used here is much juicier than a lot of other similar patties, and it is housed by a type of bun that is slowly encroaching on a special corner of my heart. The Charlie Brown's head-shaped Portugese bun (the same as what is used at Gathering Place) is squishier than a stress ball, and offers a similar level of comfort as yours hands clamp around it.

The Thousand Islandish dressing smeared across the bun gives this burger a distinctive A&W Mozza Burger feel, and is offered up in appreciated abundance. As you can see in the picture above, the American cheese is not melted properly, but it melts enough once the two bun halves are smooshed together that I can't complain much. This burger might not be a revelation, but it's fairly enjoyable for what it is.

VERDICT: Above average family restaurant lazy burger.