Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Important Bun Update: Fifth Street Bar and Grill

For the second time in approximately a year and a half; Fifth Street Bar and Grill has made a bun change. Fifth Street has now completely given whole wheat the boot, and is currently using a white kaiser to house its Buffalo Burger. The new bun is a bit of a step up, but Fifth Street still hasn't quite found the perfect match for this burger. The kaiser still doesn't offer a perfect bun:burger ratio, and I believe a softer, squishier number would better match the sort of sloppy joe/rice pudding consistency of the burger.

Honestly the most recent incarnation of the Fifth Street Buffalo Burger sort of reminds me of the offering at Gathering Place (just substitute BBQ sauce as the main patty infusion as opposed to sugar water, or whatever GP use). They both have similar textures, but Gathering Place uses an appropriate bun to downplay the different feel of the patty.

I think Fifth Street is moving in the right direction, and I'm interested to see how the recent bun change will be received by the restaurant's rabid fans.

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