Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Good and Yummies Bistro (Inside Craigflower Foods) | 811 Craigflower Road

(add .50 cents for cheese)

You'd think spending nearly a decade in the restaurant industry would teach you to avoid serving re-heated refrigerator burgers at all costs, but such is not the case at Good and Yummies. G&Y's is one of a select few number of convenience store lunch counters in the Greater Victoria area (at last count there were approximately three). The place, located inside Craigflower Foods, is focused on comfort foods and operates with a bare-bones kitchen, which has caused all convential burger-making wisdom to be thrown out the window.

As it says on the sign; the burgers are homemade, but the patty is so dry by the time it reaches your plate, that it might as well be a frozen, supplier number. The patties, after being pre-made in the morning I suppose, are brought back to life bachelor-style on a Hamilton Beach Grill. The whole point behind these grills is to suck out as much juice from the patty, making them "healthy". Using this method to reheat meat means you end up with a patty even more dried mud cookieish than usual. That's just the beginning of the meat-reheating misadventure at Good and Yummie's though.

Order some American cheese with this little burger bummer and expect your patty to end up being zapped in the microwave for about 30 seconds. By this time what was probably at one time a pretty palatable patty has now become almost completely devoid of flavour—it's like eating bread held together with clay. The other elements are fine (relatively fresh veges, regular mayo, mustard and ketchup optional, all on a white kaiser) but man is the patty horrible. Ever stuck an Ultimate Burger in the microwave? That's pretty much what Good and Yummies' offering tastes like. I'm sorry to say this one is all rough and no diamonds.

VERDICT: Worth checking out for big bags of cheap mini-donuts, but avoid this burger at all costs.