Monday, August 10, 2009

"A" News Burger Blog Piece

I now present to you here for the first time on the internet: the finest 2 and a half minutes of local television ever created in the last week and a half! Thanks to Erick Thompson for covering us, Mark Planiden for mentioning us to Erick, and to the cameraman who lost his windsock in my basement.

FYI: I am currently working on acquiring a copy of the Burger Blog piece that ran on Shaw last month. It will eventually be uploaded here if I am given permission.


Kevin said...

Hey Donald,

Again, thanks for meeting up with my friends last weekend!

Nice, congrats on the news piece!

Just a FYI, I'll have Pink Bike up by the end of this week, I haven't posted anything cause of finals.

If you end up posting before me, I'll link you. If vice versa, I'll update when you post yours.


- Kevin

Happy_Pats said...

Congradulations DK!

Jamie said...


nice peice on the news.

I've noticed you have been getting some good exposure from A Hamburger Today. They post on their site every time you post on your blog.

keep up the good work man.



dk said...


yah my plan was to steal your review and put it up on the burger blog as a part of an exciting BLOG COLLISION post

thanks for the FYI