Friday, August 7, 2009

Media Domination Continues

A-News was hanging out in my basement today. Black Press the only local media outlet we're still waiting on? CFAX? They covered the Buffet Blog, so we can call them dominated right? Total media domination isn't far off!

FYI: Burger Blog teaser piece will be on at 6:25 tonight, full piece tomorrow at 6:00.


Gaetano said...

i guess chek 6 doesnt count as a real local media source anymore since they got pwned by the economy

theres probably a few radio stations owned by vista or pattison that havent been dominated yet

dk said...

Funny you say that, because I totally mentioned Chek in the interview with A-Channel (basically saying we're not concerned with them because they're dead).

Gaetano said...