Friday, August 14, 2009

Part 1: Jeremy Baker at Cabin 12

The Victoria Burger Blog is very pleased to bring you Kelebrity Korner: Part 1! Kelebrity Korner is a new segment in which we go out for a burger with a local kelebrity, we ask them a few stock questions, and then said kelebrity reviews the burger we enjoyed together. Part 1 of this exciting new venture features Jeremy Baker! Jeremy Baker is the afternoon show host over at the Zone. He was recently catapulted to super-stardom when he appeared alongside yours truly in a recent Shaw Daily piece on blogging.

Baker hates burgers with too much condiment action, and loves being left with a little superfluous bun at the end of an outing (he generally passes along the extra bun to his baby girl). Lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickle are all must-have items for the Dean of the Afternoon Drive—anything less and he's leaving.

What else do you need to know about the man they call Jeremy? Let's head to the question and answer portion of our affair shall we?

Where is your favourite burger in Victoria?

The Canoe Burger with the slab of prime rib on top and the blue cheese is a savage beast that MUST be tamed!

What is the best burger you've ever had?
Mmm Vera Burger, Downtown West End of Vancouver, summer time, just a taste of the marijuana = good times.

Name your best and worst ever burger experiences.
I've had a lot of best, but the worst is almost always on BC Ferries. Save-On Foods Memorial Centre is a close second.

Name another local kelebrity you wish you were.
Jamie Oliver... oh local? Darryl Lloyd- Victoria Salmon Kings

What is the best burger-centric movie of all time: Hamburger America, Fast Food, Hamburger: The Motion Picture, or "Other"?
Hamburger Hill? Wait that is a Vietnam movie. Super Troopers where the kid spits in the burger... good times. Fast Times at Ridgemont High... all good. Waiting is not about "burgers" but is about a restaurant and all the shenanigans that go with that.

Review Time!
Cabin 12
607 Pandora Avenue

Yesterday I met up with Victoria Burger Blog Dude Donald Kennedy to mow down on a burger, and to add to his outstanding list of Victoria burger reviews.

I wanted to hit Cabin 12 on Pandora Street. Last week, I met up with Robin Farrell of Kool FM for a bite, and we ventured to Cabin 12. I was mighty impressed with the service, cost, and quality of the meal. Robin and I rocked wraps: Donald and I would be trying the burger.

Donald ordered some creation with a fried egg, bacon, and cheese on top: pretty much a breakfast AND lunch combo thing. I went with their classic, Cabin 12 burger.

What to say about it? I loved that it wasn’t too saucy—an overly saucy burger makes me want to drag net the ocean bottom. The burger came open faced on a hearty whole wheat bun and came with all the standard fixings.

Right away, the burger could do no worse than par.

The patty tasted like some kind of homemade creation from a picnic long past. It had that “mom” feel about it and some surprises as you bit in. Red and Green peppers? Sure—I hope that is what it was. Donald and I had a hard time deciding if this was good or not. The Dude mentioned that the burger was very similar to the Floyd’s Burger (something about the owner being a former employee?).

For the $9 I paid, and the funky vibe of the joint, I’ll give this burger a firm recommend, and it will become a new favourite diner for me. I’ll need to drag Coral down sometime for a breakfast. Ha, maybe this morning when I wake up before work. Friday is pay day!

Editor's note: Thanks to Guy Alaimo for the Kelebrity Korner logo design. The official Victoria Burger Blog review of Cabin 12 will appear sometime in the coming weeks. If you are a local (or travelling) kelebrity and you'd like to be featured in "Kelebrity Korner", you can contact me by e-mail:


morningaftershow said...

thank you Donald!

dk said...

thanks for doing it

it's an honour to have you as our first kelebrity

Anonymous said...

As a fan of the zone and of the VBB this was unexpected but awesome. I look forward to reading the future kelebrity posts.

ps does being a super cool person qualify me for a burger date?

morningaftershow said...

I think being super cool should earn you a burger date!

Gaetano said...

do you think you have what it takes to be a kelebrity?

dk said...

probably not kelebrity material, but might be burger date material if you appreciate the retardness of Hamburger: The Motion Picture, and every once in a while find yourself humming "america, you're gettin burger hungry, hungry for the burger that makes you full!"

being cute and female would also help your chances greatly

Anonymous said...

I sadly haven't seen Hamburger: The Motion Picture... But I did love Good Burger and often when I decide to order a hamburger I have "welcome to the good burger, home of the good burger, can I take you order" playing in my head.

I'm not sure how I feel about relying on my looks for a burger date. I think i'll wait until i've got Kelebrity status and exploit that instead.

Angelo said...
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Angelo said...

Guy - Love the use of mount dough in the image.

Planman said...

Speaking of Cabin 12, you seen this?