Monday, August 17, 2009


A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of enjoying a burger at Pink Bicycle with Kevin Wu of 604 Foodtography. Kevin has been covering Vancouver edibles since February, and recently stole my heart by posting a Screamer review earlier this month. The following is a sampling of Kevin's review of the Pink Bike Cheese Burger as it originally appeared on his blog:

"Since the big blogger dinner I attended at Alvin Garden I was okay with the idea of meeting a complete stranger for a meal. After all, if there is something in common to talk about, it should be no problem getting along. My friends, however, didn’t know what to expect, and so probably expected a really awkward and strange dinner.

There was a little mix up with our burgers—I had gotten Darren’s Chicken Burger while he had my Cheese Burger. No worries, we just switched the sides since I had salad and he had soup.

The bun is chewy, the patty was oozing, and the melted cheese on top was delicious. I must say, I could barely finish my burger and I was struggling to finish the salad. It was really filling! Oh yea, the salad was also great, baby greens with a light vinaigrette, walnuts and freshly grated cheese on top. I can’t understand how Donald and his friend ate the regular plate (burger w/ side) AND more food!

The conversation was easy going, (wow this sounds like a date), simple chit chat about our blogs, why he only does burgers, what there is to do in Victoria, etc. Overall, a good dinner is second only to good company, and both were had that night.

If I were ever going to Victoria for any reason, I would try my best to make time to drop by for a burger. If you look on their site carefully, you can even find a coupon."

While Kevin was chowin' down on Pink Bike's signature dish, I got acquainted with the Blue Flame Burger. Here is my review:

Blue Flame Beef Burger

I'm not sure what to make of Pink Bike anymore: I used to place it a solid second place on my list, but now I'm not so sure. The last time I dined at Pink Bike the default serving style for their beef burgers appeared to be medium-rare—not so on my more recent trip with Kevin. This time around I was greeted with a patty that was almost definitely thinner than the norm, a dry medium-well, and seasoned to a point where fears that Pink Bike could be regressing to the early days of over-managing its beef may not be completely misplaced.

Despite these disapointments, it would be a lie to say Pink Bike isn't one of the better burger joints in town—or that the Blue Flame Burger is a poor addition to the menu. The Bike continues to use high quality ingredients that, for the most part, mask the inconsistencies in the style their beef patties are served day-to-day. Though far from causing pregnancy-scare sweat levels; the hot chili mayo here does have a kick to it, and it melds well with the bold blue cheese. More attention needs to be given to ensuring uniformity in the product they provide, but by no means is Pink Bike serving boring, or bad burgers. The feeling that you're being short changed by dining later in the day (getting a smaller patty, smaller portion sizes for some sides) is infuriating though—I suppose this is still around my top five in the city, but I don't think I can feel confident in calling it number two anymore.


Trevor G. said...

That's too bad that the Pink Bike is becoming inconsistent. I have had the Blue Flame Burger a couple of times (haven't been in a couple of months though); and the first time it was a little dry, as you stated. The second time I ordered it with a buffalo patty instead of beef. For some reason, Pink Bike cooks their buffalo better than their beef (in my experience). Maybe they are afraid of overcooking it. I haven't had any experience in the smaller patties though. Maybe they figure now that they are popular they can scale back without people acknowledging it? Who knows? I hope it was only a one (or two) time thing because, although I haven't eaten at Aura yet, The Pink Bicycle is my favourite burger joint in town. Still need to eat at the new Douglas Hotel place as well. Those freakin' sliders look enough for 2 with a couple of beers.

Happy_Pats said...

Argh! I could literally walk there in 26 seconds from my work, but since reading this blog, and A.H.T., I have been having my home-made hamburgers rare. I havent been there yet, but I cannot even imagine a dry burger, thats really bad news, I hope some of the staff read this.

Oh, I've now been to thriftys, fairways, oxfords and safeway, and by far safeway has the best (thick & fresh) grind by a mile over the other stores for home made burger love. I dont have the cash for butchers.

Great, now I'm hungry...

dk said...

yah I know they are at least aware of the blog because the very first time I went there I was noticed

grinding yourself can definitely set you back, but it's a lot more fun

fairways meat sucks

Kevin said...

Wow what an attractive picture.

jbcs said...

Semi-related question: where can one get a screamer in victoria??

Melanie said...

As a burger aficionado, I was extremely disappointed with the Pink Bicycle. The patty was way overdone, quite slim, and rather tasteless. After all the hype, it really made me wonder if anyone in BC has had a decent burger before? I'm from Ottawa originally, and I stand by the fact that The Works makes the best burger in the entire world.

I LOVE YOU said...


grass fed beef manitoba said...

I'm personally gluten free you can imagine how much looking at these pictures of burgers tenses me. Imagine having a job of just tasting hamburgers all day long. True happiness.