Saturday, August 22, 2009

Bartholomew's Bar and Rockefeller Grille | 777 Douglas Street | 250•388•5111 |

Bart's Burger
(add $1 for cheese)

This'll be short and sweet, because this burger didn't leave much of an impression on me.

A number of our Facebook friends have fingered Bartholomew's as the home of the most underrated burger in town: I can't say I agree. I'll give this downtown grille the benefit of the doubt, and assume the "Executive Burger" is a cut above the rest, but the "Bart's Burger" is definitely a pal of some of the more pedestrian offerings in town.

The menu states this burger is homemade, but the leathery texture of the patty is more akin to a frozen pre-fab number. As the rest of the package is constructed in standard pub fashion; there is really nothing that makes it stand-out, or rise above its peers. I'm disappointed to say—this one's a bit of a bore.

VERDICT: My assessment may change after trying their other offering, but until then Bartholomew's is a solid bleh on the burger-meter.

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Jeremy said...

looks good in the picture!