Friday, July 10, 2009

Pink Bicycle Redux Part Deux

Pink Bicycle Burger

A major change has been made at The Pink Bicycle: gone is the Alberta Beef that was once employed at this downtown joint, and in its place you will now find Island-Raised Hereford Beef. Springford Farm in Nanoose Bay has stepped up to the plate as the new beef supplier for the juicy patties that Pink Bike provides. The other major change is that the default serving style now appears to be medium-rare instead of medium. The new beef has a much more distinct flavour than the old stuff, and is prepared with barely any seasoning (if any at all). However, there is enough inherent flavour in the patty that a lack of seasoning doesn't really hurt things (although I wouldn't mind if it was punched up the eensiest of bits).

Other than that things haven't changed much at Pink Bike (although fried mac-and-cheese sticks are a big new menu bonus). If you're afraid of pink meat (and there are differing views on whether or not medium-rare is unhealthy) then I'd suggest asking for your burger done medium or medium-well. Whatever you choose, you'll end up with a pretty dope meal.

VERDICT: Still one of the best in Victoria, but still not better than Aura.


Mila said...

Hey, how did your burger stay so neat and tidy? I tried The Pink Bike recently and my cheeseburger was the messiest burger I've EVER had. There was so much mayo/sauce on the top bun that everything just slid around. After about 5 bites the top bun was soggy and the burger just fell apart, so I had to use the fork & knife. A little humiliating. ;-)

Despite that, it was super tasty and definitely the best burger I've had in Vic (been living here about 7 years).

The staff need to work on their professionalism though... I was there late afternoon and the staff spent most of the time loudly gossiping at the bar, then counted out the day's take (yes, in front of everyone, there were 6 or 7 customers eating their meals) and loudly sighed about how they hadn't earned much that day. When my bill came for ~$16 and I plunked a $20 into the tray, the server actually asked me if I wanted any change. (Hint to servers everywhere: Assuming you're going to get a big tip is a great way to ensure you won't.) I realize it's a small space inside the Pink Bike, but if they want to be taken seriously as a service restaurant (and expect tips for service) then they shouldn't have staff who act like they work at Wendy's.

Can't deny the burger was awesome though and I will probably be back.

Trevor G. said...

Speaking of neat and tidy... I was a the Pink Bike on Thursday and I asked the cooks if they could make me one of their previous specials. It was the poutine burger and they happily obliged. Nice melted cheese curds, gravy, and jalapeno aoili on my burger. it was so sloppy and so good. It was with the new beef and since there was so much going on in the burger I don't think I noticed a difference in taste, but I would like to try the Pink Bike Burger and taste the difference in the beef. Everyone else at the table orderd the buffalo burger (my girlfriend orderd sans Bulls-Eye BBQ sauce at my behest) and they thought they were one of the best burgers that they had had. My girlfriend and I ahve been there before and she agrees with me that the bison burger is the juicier of the two (beef/buffalo) which I find odd. Buffalo is such a lean meat that the beef they are using must be very lean itself. If you guys ever ask the people at Pink Bike I would like to know what fat ratio they are now using. Onion rings were better than usual (I've had sogy ones from there); and the mac and cheese sticks were enticing but I think they may be a meal in themselves. Good addition though. On a side note... my girlfriend doesn't like their Pink Bike sauce. Do you agree that she's crazy? I love it and usually order a side to dip my fries in (although their spicy Pink Bike Sauce is even better). And I saw that Little Piggy did a quick look at the new Douglas hotel place. I know it's probably on your list, but you should let us know how the mini burgers are there.

dk said...


I've never found the Pink Bike Burger all that difficult to manage. I've always found the bun thick enough to avoid tearing into little pieces.

Also I've always considered it pretty standard procedure for a server to ask if you want change. Usually the alternative is that you don't get any change. This is why I hate pizza delivery people; they're out the door before you can get any change.


poutine burger sounds incredible, your girlfriend is probably crazy, and a Veneto sliders review will be up within the next week or so (the pancetta one is the best)