Thursday, July 30, 2009

Official Reaction: Guy Alaimo Leaves the World of Buffet Blogging

Victoria Burger Blog Head Reacts to Colleague Guy Alaimo’s Decision to Retire From Buffet Reviewing


VICTORIA, BC JULY 30, 2009—At approximately 6:45PM Pacific Standard Time I was alerted to a sad fact. It was at that time when the proprietor of the Victoria Buffet Blog, Guy Alaimo, let me know he had made the decision to "indefinitely quit buffets". Over the last year I have had the joy of accompanying Alaimo on a number of buffet-related journeys and jaunts. It is with a heavy heart that I must acknowledge today that I may never make another one of those trips again.

Though I will miss our buffet trips, I would be remiss to ignore the bravery of my colleague’s decision to step away from the buffet line, and into a healthier lifestyle. It became apparent to the family and friends of Mr. Alaimo fairly early on that the Buffet Blog was having a negative effect on his health. It is not without a certain level of guilt that we now must reflect upon his retirement; perhaps more intervention from myself and others could have prevented Mr. Alaimo’s extreme weight gain and subsequent health problems.

Mr. Alaimo has not yet indicated whether or not he wishes to remain a contributing writer for the Victoria Burger Blog. As the head of said blog I wish to let Mr. Alaimo know that we have valued his service greatly ever since we launched. It is the genuine hope of myself that the already strong relationship that exists between himself and the Victoria Burger Blog continue to grow. At the same time we wish to encourage him to return to burger reviewing only if his health allows it.

The Victoria Burger Blog wishes to thank Mr. Alaimo for his contributions to the local food-writing community, and to extend our support to him in this time of great change. We look forward to working with him again in the future.


Donald Kennedy
Head Writer/Founder: Victoria Burger Blog
Contributing Writer: Victoria Buffet Blog
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Patricia said...

You guys are both great bloggers. Tell Guy he is a wonderful writer, and I for one look forward to reading about his healthy food adventures too. There is life after buffets!

Shermy said...

"There is life after buffets!"

No offense, Patricia, but that's a filthy lie.

Jessica said...

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