Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Victoria News "Best of the City" Not Quite as Infuriating as Last Year

Black Press has once again announced its "Best of the City" list, and "Best Burger" is once again a key category. Winners were determined via an open-ballot readers poll.

I now present the three best burger spots in Victoria (according to Black Press):

  1. The Pink Bicycle
  2. White Spot
  3. Red Robin
So Red Robin holds fast at number three, A&W (last year's number two pick) gets mercifully blasted off the list, White Spot falls to number two, and in its first year of eligibility—The Pink Bicycle storms to the top of the list. It's great to see an actual local restaurant get some reader props, but it's still pretty obvious that the average Victoria News reader still doesn't know shit about where to find a good burger in town. Anyway I bitched all about "Best of the City" last year, so I won't bother bitching again.

So Black Press has done their list, howzabout I do a little list of my own. Here's a sampling of my current favourite burgers in the Greater Victoria Area (not necessarily in any particular order):
  1. The Point Burger | Aura Restaurant
  2. Cheeseburger | The Pink Bicycle
  3. Bacon Cheeseburger | Brasserie L'ecole
  4. All Dressed Bacon Cheeseburger | La Belle Patate
And here are the best "cheap eats" burgers I've had recently:
  1. Burger | Pizza All Nite
  2. Cheeseburger | Carnarvon Park
  3. Cheeseburger | Gathering Place
Glo and the Loghouse Pub also remain two of the better burgers I've had in Victoria, but it's been ages since I've been to either place (thus they have been left off this current list). Heckler's Bar and Grill is also a notable burger spot.

There are tons of places I have yet to visit, and no doubt these lists will end up changing sooner rather than later. How about you? Agree/Disagree with the Black Press list or my lists? Let us know in the comment section.


Planman said...

re: the Black Press list - I find Red Robin's buns to be less than great. Maybe it's just my timing, but they don't seem overly fresh. White Spot I do enjoy, and Pink Bicycle I've only been to once (had the Mutton burger...was good, but the portion of onion rings on the side was tiny).

re: Your list - Only been to the Pink Bicycle, so I've got some sampling to do! Loghouse, while not officially on your list, is good from what I remember.

Suggestions for you to review:
The Fernwood Inn (Fernwood Burger)
Smiths (Smith Burger)

Great blog! Keep it up

Kathreen said...

White Spot for top burger place? Yuck!

My top two picks for best burger are
1. Glo
2. Heron Rock Bistro

I haven't been to Pink Bicycle but I will check it out.

Quentin said...

Planman: Agreed on the Smith Burger, YUM!

Where do we find the rest of the "Best of the City"?

dk said...

Best of the City is an insert that comes with the Victoria News, Oak Bay News, Saanich News, and Goldstream News. If you're not in one of those delivery areas, the easiest way to get it is to maybe check a hotel.

Anonymous said...

DK... When will we see the review on Canarvan Park Cheeseburgers?

Thankyou Kind Sir.

Anonymous said...

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Anthony said...

I checked out your suggestions from last year, thanks by the way.
I'm always on the lookout for great burgers when I travel. The Point Burger is a bit over rated. You have to make your own patty to be the best.
The best of the bunch was the Canoe burger. If you are interested you can read my reviews at:

I'll definately check out your latest suggestions next time I'm in town.