Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New Vancouver Burger Blog Has Launched

I just noticed today that Vancouver's newest (and I believe only active) burger blog launched last month. Hopefully this new blog ends up having the same integrity of the dearly departed Vancouver Burger Snob Blog, and lasts longer than the Vancouver Hamburger Hunt Blog. The new blog (titled Burger Supremacy) has modeled its style after the Burger of the Month club that was recently profiled in the New York Times. Their first review is of Moderne Burger, a place that Helen and I made some comments on last year.

ps. Yo Burger Supremacy, let us know if you're ever in Victoria!


Planman said...

Don't you mean let us know if you're ever in Victoria?

Cool blog man...

dk said...

yah definitely meant Victoria.

Post fixed.


cdub said...

Thanks for the notice. We enjoy seeing your Victoria updates. We were unfortunately delayed for a couple of weeks but are on our way to Veras for lunch today. Will have a new update soon.
BS Report

Beth said...

Hey! I might just be an idiot here, but I wanted to send an email to the blog owner, and can't figure out how to. Is that intentional, or am I just not looking in the right place?


dk said...


yah I guess that's sort of on purpose

what are you wanting to know?

leave your e-mail address and I can send you a message

I can also delete the comment so your e-mail address doesn't stay up here