Monday, June 22, 2009

Island Burger News (Slightly Off Topic): Comox Considers Drive-Thru Ban

The City of Comox is having a little jaw-fest over whether or not to deny the chance of any new drive-thrus being built in the community. A drive-thru ban was recently rejected by North Vancouver City Councillors in March. Lots of other communities across the country have discussed drive-thru bans too. We're already pretty much bereft of drive-ins in most corners of the island. Losing drive-thrus (even though they are mostly attached to fast-food outlets) would no doubt have a negative effect on island burger culture.

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meow said...

oh the poor burger industry! i'm sure it will be affected! what about gas emissions? why can't people just go in and order food or go inside a bank? what's really wrong with that?