Sunday, June 28, 2009

Information Needed: Big Bob Burger, Bob's Restaurant, Duncan

If anyone has a recent picture of the Big Bob Burger from Bob's Restaurant in Duncan, please leave it in the comments. I'm trying to figure out if it's worth a trip.



Bill said...

I haven't been to Bob's Burger's in about a year or two. I'd say it is worth the price. I believe the "Big Bob" burger comes to around $8.50 and you get a lot of food.

I do remember the "Big Bob" being a lot bigger a few years ago so I think they've reduced the size but it is still massive. Not as big as Mrs. Riches Mountain Burger.

I'd say it's worth the drive because of the waitresses and clients at Bob's. The waitresses have huge hairspryaed hair and the clients are Duncan's finest blue collar workers.

Bob's also offers a salad bar which isn't too shabby.

Anonymous said...

I am wondering If Matt had ordered no relish or onion, because every time I have gone for the big bob burger it has mayo, relish, onion,bacon,cheese,mushrooms,lettuce and tomato,pickles,served with coleslaw.Also worth mentioning is the fact that you get a generous amount of either fries,onion rings,potato salad, salad or whatever your choice. I am disappointed that Matt would not tell the truth. and his picture sucks!!!! I signed in anonymous because I don't want any hassle, i just thought the truth would be better served.