Friday, May 15, 2009

Skinny's Grille | Silver Creek, B.C. | 63810 Flood Hope Road | 604•869•5713 |

Bacon Cheeseburger

Best burgers in town? A man who used to live next to the proprietors of this restaurant seven years ago will be the judge of that! Yes it's true, my parents still live next to the owners/managers of Skinny's and make a point of eating at the Grille at least once a week. Marlene and Adriann were a welcome addition to the neighbourhood when they moved in next door to my parents about ten years ago. The previous homeowners were a crotchety old life-hating lady followed by some dudes running a grow-op. Having a family with a hot daughter living next door was a definite upgrade.

But what does this trip down memory lane have to do with current state of their restaurant and it's burger? Well nothing at all actually. Sometimes it's just nice to add a bit of personal history to a review. Makes us all feel connected, yah? Like we're friends and you can trust me because I share my personal life with you right? This is our little scam. Eventually we'll reveal personal family medical history and the trust created will catapult our clout beyond the blog's wildest dreams!

But for now, here's a review:

It's been a long time since I ate burgers in the Hope area on a regular basis, so I can't really comment on whether or not Skinny's offers the best in town. My favourite in town used to be the monster burger at the Home Restaurant, but I hear that place has gone waaayyy down hill. Like we're talking almost bottom of the hill.

As for the Skinny's Burger; it's a pretty decent effort. The home-made bun (hand-crafted by local pie legend "Di") is super fresh and has a slightly sour scone-like flavour. Thankfully the bun is nice and thin so it's strong flavour doesn't overwhelm this unit.

The patty is described as "chopped steak", but has the appearance and flavour of your regular ol' adequate enough pre-fab number. The cook in the kitchen knows what he/she is doing though, as the burger is adorned with one of what I feel are the only two condiment and topping mixes appropriate for this type of patty. Skinny's uses a red relish/onion mixture on the bottom and your general mayo/tomato/lettuce mix on top (mustard and onion on the bottom is the other acceptable mix).

As for the other items here: the bacon is crispy and delicious, the cheese a little sweaty, and the veges fresh. Overall this burger won't blow you away, but the personal touch of a home-made bun does put it well above similar packages.

Helen Kennedy Chime In Pending!!!!

VERDICT: If you can't wait until you get to Hungry Herbie's in Cache Creek; this may be the burger for you.

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OurBC said...

Last time I looked Skinny's Grille was closed.