Wednesday, May 20, 2009

James Russell reviews Canoe Club Aussie Pub Burger

Most of you have likely already noticed this, but here's a review Monday Magazine's James Russell did on the Canoe Club Aussie Pub Burger:
"One of the best things about Canoe’s menu is not simply that local meats, seafood and produce are emphasized, but, in the case of the burgers, the specific local farm that supplies the guaranteed hormone- and antibiotic-free beef is identified by name: Quist Farms of North Cowichan. Combine that with the inclusion of an Aussie pub burger on the menu ($16) and you’ve basically forced me into it. I happily dug into an 8-ounce hand-formed patty of fresh, local ground chuck topped with a fried egg, bacon, aged cheddar and, yes, sliced beets (or, in Aussie talk, beetroot). Even with the bacon, I thought the flavour could have been punched up a notch with more salt—because along with the beets (which fit quite naturally with the other ingredients) the runny egg yolk also adds a little sweetness. But really, I’m being picky. It was an excellent burger, with bountiful lettuce, tomato and a good, fresh kaiser."
I'm guessing that the Cowichan farm mentioned in the review is likely the same place that Pizza All-Nite gets its beef from (though I can't confirm that). Either way, it's further proof that providing an Island sourced burger in Victoria is far from impossible.

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