Saturday, May 23, 2009

Harvey's | 2400 Millstream Road/Home Hardware | Langford, B.C. | 250•474•4406 |


Harvey's: the Subway of the burger world. Personally I'd rather they just load up the condiments as they see fit, rather then get me to instruct them on what I'd like. If I want to choose my own condiments—I'll make my burger at home. If you can't figure out a good condiment mix on your own... well why are you in the game at all?

I understand giving customers control; but if you're going to give customers control, give them FULL control. Lay out a nice condiment bar where customers can choose exactly what they want. Throw some crazy shit in there like carrot and beet shavings and people will not only revel in the control given them, they'll also enjoy the "exotic" experience.

Maybe I'm being a little bit hard on Harvey's, but having to give superflous instructions while ordering a burger kind of seems like a chore to me. Give me real, ultimate control, or give me no control at all. If I want extra mayo, I'll ask.

Right; so enough of the railing against condiment practices at Harvey's. How does the actual burger taste? I'll tell you. It tastes like a minduck. What we have here is one of those oh-so confusing patties that tastes more like sausage than beef, but is not nearly as delicious as an actual sausage patty. The bun here is good, but the sickly sweet relish and twilight-zone patty are pretty off-putting. I have no idea how this place became so popular in Ontario (a province that actually has decent regional burger chains). As far as island fast food burgers go, I'd say Harvey's is close to the bottom.

VERDICT: It'll cost you more, but you'll be happier if you just go down the road to The Loghouse Pub.

ps. This Sunday Harvey's is celebrating its 50th anniversary by giving away free burgers. Check their website for further details.


Anonymous said...

If you grew up eating 'em, you'd understand. ;-) I hate that there is no Harvey's in Victoria proper anymore. But I agree it would be MUCH cooler if they let you put the condiments on yourself.

Anonymous said...

your bashing of Harvey's condiment bar illustrates both your unsightly upbringing and your lack of any sense of what it means to be avant-garde. it is only natural that such boring and unimaginative criticism would spew from the offspring of two people who were filled with enough originality to name their son Donald. you sir are the the personification of a cheeseburger from 711; cold, prepackaged, and tasteless.

Anonymous said...

pretty lame review. ive been eating harveys whenever i can get it. your an idiot and youve lost all credability. ill be telling my friends

Anonymous said...

What? You rave about overpriced $16 tourist burgers and trash Harvs? After reading this review I will never read another. The treatment of condiments are what makes Harvs unique. Next time you go for a Harv burger establish a bit of a friendly rapport with the condiment person and marvel over their specialized skills. Personalize your burger by ordering an extra slice of pickle or some such thing. I like it when the whole thing ends up becoming kind of drippy. The Harv burger is an economical taste treat. I wish I didn't have to drive all the way out to Langford to enjoy one.

Anonymous said...

not only does harveys rule.... but the staff are the pinacle of excelence... the way it should be... the way most people like it..... take your ass fucking le chateu shopping hyundi santa fe driving asses back up the hill to Looserville...... have fun in your yardless worthless shitboxes.... i think the majority would agree your more respected in a mobile that has the respect to appreciate a good home cooker burger.... treat them nice... and maybe youll get a toasted bun..... you know your burgers are used for masterbation contests at the log........... no see no probee..... fuck you!!!!... support probably the only last existing canadian franchise.....that gives back.... you are the reason this country is embarasing..... put on your black knee high socks and wallmart jesus sandals and tell me..... that harveys isnt the apitamy of hard working 15 minute break taking after loading the truck up to its max in the rain.... the log house shits on your food.... gives people priority.... dont like the way your dressed.. (mainly collared shirt types).... and has the nerve to allow customers to submit negative blogs to the very people that make this place run. have a burger, support canada, and our local economy. if any of your friends have any common sense they will fill your next burger with used condoms and pepper spray.... duct tape you.... get a cart at opening.... cover you in door mats and whatever.... drag you around home deeps stabbing you wth whatever was available..... roll into harveys for some good grub... leave the cart in the sun...... and see what happens..... when they found out what you wrote about them......welcome to the real world cock breath.....

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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, THANK YOU!! There was a Harvey's on my campus and the burgers there are exactly as you describe. I came across your blog by searching the phrase, "harvey's burgers taste like sausage," because I wanted to see if someone else besides my friend and I also thought the same.

Their burgers don't taste right. They're like sausage. It's sad that the veggie burger has a closer consistency to beef than the beef burger does.

Then there are the condiments. The line ups are always so long, because of that, not to mention, that they never get it quite right anyway. You're right, they may as well just let me do it myself. And the condiment bar is hardly avante-garde. As you said, Subway does it and so does Mr. Sub, they just both do it more efficiently.

Alex .B said...

your nice, harveys is a canadian legend i agree it would be cool to do your own condiments but how could you bag on a burger sooooooo good like this you know? i think if you dont like the burger order the fries and if you dont like the fries order the chicken and if you dont like the chicken you dont like the restaurant!

Joel Ferguson said...

I wish Harvey's would come back to the island.