Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Goodburger | New York City, New York | 870 Broadway | 212•529•9100 |

Editor's note: Intrepid east-coast reporter Helen Kennedy was recently in New York. Please enjoy this review of her trip to goodburger.

I was reminded today as I ate a pizza sub from Peter’s Food Market that I have yet to write my review of goodburger in New York City. As a quick aside, I have to say that if this were the search for the perfect sub sandwich, then one trip to Peter’s would put an end to the quest. But that’s beside the point; I had a goodburger a month ago and it’s time for the review. And so, (without further ado) I give you: the goodburger.

The goodburger of New York claims to be the ‘best burger in NYC’ and backs up that claim with reviews painted on the wall. Normally such an overtly self-centered restaurant that brings up memories of the 1997 movie “Good Burger” and its catchphrase “welcome to the Good Burger, home of the good burger, can I take your order” would turn me off; however, the goodburger redeems itself immediately by using two types of REAL cheese that are both all melty and delicious. None of this sweaty processed crap that adorns other burgers.

Customers at the goodburger get a choice of medium, medium-well, and well-done (I chose well-done) and the patty comes enveloped in a perfectly squishy bun that is well toasted and slathered with a near perfect mixture of condiments.

The only drawback to the goodburger was the extreme heat of the upstairs loft area where we ate. As my friend Ryan aptly put it, “I am sunburnt from sitting in this restaurant." From the loft, however, there’s a nice view of the burger-making process and it’s always nice to see the masters at work.

VERDICT: I think this burger has been reviewed to death and let me tell you: the reviews on the wall don’t lie.

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