Monday, May 18, 2009

Fish on Fifth | 9812 Fifth Street | Sidney, B.C. | 250•656•4022

Bacon Cheeseburger

I've noticed a trend: red pepper on fish and chips burgers. At Fairfield Fish and Chips you get a nice round sliver, but at Fish on Fifth they do things a little differently. At this Sidney chippery the strategy is to blacken a big meaty chunk of red pepper on the grill. They then place it in their package along with some lettuce, red onion, and dill pickle. This particular plan of attack results in the pepper sliding out of the burger quite easily when you chomp down. I have to say I prefer the more subtle method employed by Fairfield.

As for the other elements at play: they're all fairly adequate. The patty has a very faint bubblegummy texture, but juices are there and the flavour is alright. The bun is soft and squishy, and provides a near perfect ratio to the meat. The burger balance is perhaps confused a little by the abundance of bacon and cheese competing with the veges, but it's not that alarming an askewment. This burger will fill a hole, but it's not likely to leave you hollering for more.

VERDICT: Fish and Chips are the smarter pick here (they truly are excellent)... but that was obvious right?


Trevor G. said...

That does look like a lot of cheese. Not that I'm opposed to that. Anyways, this has no relevance to the review here, but I found possibly the best hamburger bun yet. I grabbed a burger from a charity fundraiser the ohter week and saw that they were using Cobb's bread. The burger itself was not good, but the bun was perfect (in my opinion) for a patty. I actually went and picked up a six pack from Cobb's the other day to see if they were the same thing. They are: white bread (could pre-order a while wheat version), are nice and pillowy and soft, they give way when you bite instead of pushing the patty out b/c they are too firm/chewy, a perfect size for an average size patty, they soak up the juices from the burger really well, and they taste really good.
I suggest giving them a try if you head near a Cobb's. They will be my go-to bun from now on. Oh, and also, (blasphemy) the sirloin burger patties from MandM Meat Shoppe are actually pretty good. They taste like beef, have a hint of garlic, and really satisfy that hamburger craving when you don't have a lot of time on your hands.

dk said...

What kind of buns did you get? They have quite a few options.

Trevor G. said...

Oh yeah, I guess I didn't specify. They are the actual hamburger buns that they make. Tasty. I just finished one off with a burger with jalapenos and roasted tomatoes.

Gaetano said...

13.50? maybe ive been in ontario to long, but that is not a reasonable price!

dk said...

Yah it was definitely overpriced for a Fish and Chips place. I'm not sure what (if any) extra cost there is for bacon and cheese.

Shermy said...

Just ate the "Beacon Burger" at Fish on Fifth last weekend. I think it was $10 - that's the one without bacon and cheese. I found the patty pretty foul. It had no grillmarks or carmelization of any sort. It was grey and steamy like it had been microwaved or steamed or something. Looking at your photo, I'm thinking I should have sent it back. Looks like yours was actually fried in some fashion. At the time, I assumed they just made a cruddy patty. At any rate, never again. I'll stick with the fish.

Anonymous said...

one time i got a chicken burger there and i refused to eat it and got my money back. chicken rubbery and undercooked, bun wet with grease, way too mcuh cheese and when i attempted to put the burger together eveyrhting fell out. repulsive