Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Victoria Burger Blog First Anniversary Burger Bash!

So we've finally got our shit together and we're having an anniversary BBQ at Jimmy's place!

Here are the details:

Saturday April 18th
4283 Baylis Place
Accessible by #28 bus

I will be providing four pounds of grass fed Fraser Valley beef for the occassion, but that will only last so long. We will provide beef to as many people as possible, but guests are encouraged to bring their own meat and buns if possible.

Vegetarian patties will only be tolerated if they are thrown on the BBQ by a resident of the house that is hosting the party. If you are not a resident of the hosting house VEGETARIAN PATTIES WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.

Hot dogs are discouraged, unless being used as part of a burger package. This is not a BBQ—it's a burger bash.

Ok so those are the anal-retentive rules I've set... here are some other details:

In addition to regular burger eating, there will be an informal burger making contest.

We also hope to screen two films at this event: The burger-centric Jim Varney/Traci Lords vehicle "Fast Food" and the straight-to-dvd masterpiece "Ace Ventura Jr Pet Detective".

That's all. It'll be fun. Hope you can attend. If you need any more info leave a message in the comment section with your email address.


Ted Godwin said...

What would the date be? The first post looks like it was March last year.

dk said...

Ha yah, sorry I forgot the date like an idiot

It's this Saturday night around 6ish.
Information has been added to the original post. Thanks for noticing the error.

John said...

Wont be there, have fun though. Did hit the Lunchbox Laboratory last weekend...whoa. Pretty dang good burger. It was one of the specials that week, havarti, bacon, sauteed onion and smoky pepper mayo. I think you guys would have appreciated it. They weren't skimpy with the condiments. Excellent burger, and right up the street from Zesto's. I have a couple of pics with 'autopsy' shots as well if you're interested, although they were taken on a cell.

dk said...

What did you think of Zesto's?

Send along those pics and a quick paragraph and we'll put it up as a "Reader Report" or something cheesy like that.

Sorry you can't make the bash.

John said...

Didn't hit Zesto's yet! Where do I send the pics to?

dk said...

Send them to handsomedon@gmail.com

You can do a little paragraph write up too if you like.