Thursday, April 30, 2009

Reader Report: Lunchbox Laboratory in Seattle

Editor's Note: Please enjoy our first ever reader report! This review of Lunchbox Laboratory comes courtesy of John in Tacoma. Thanks John!


I've really enjoyed reading the blog, and hope to hit a few of the spots next time I'm in Victoria avoiding my in-laws...

So what about the Lunchbox Laboratory? You probably saw this over at A Hamburger Today, but the Lab's Dork Burger made a Food Network Magazine list of the best burgers in America.

That being said, I went for one of the daily specials, I think it was called the Smokey. Lunchbox Laboratory is a tiny place, 2 community tables seating 4-6 people each, and that's about it. I think I saw something that said it was 400 sq feet (which is tinier than my apartment in dental school): the freezer is outside. They have a sign saying they're going to a bigger place, but no idea when. There's a specials board right when you walk in, and then the regular menu board. Real sugar cokes are a nice addition and my kids thought the hand spun shakes were great.

As for the burger itself: just super (comes with havarti, a kind of grilled onion and bacon, and a smokey pepper mayo). The onion mix reminded me a little of the hot dog cart 'red onions' you get in NYC. As for the mayo? As you guys write on the blog, they didn't tap the burger with the sauce spoon, they made sure there was more than enough (see autopsy shot). The burgers are hand formed, and fall apart a little. Well done all of the way through, although I think this was a function of the thinness of the burger. Well seasoned, and great taste, and excellent toppings in abundance. What more could one want? The tots are an option along with skinny fries, and as well as the burger was seasoned, I thought the tots were a little light flavour-wise (sea salt and pepper).

Price: Depends on what options you want. It can get a bit pricey depending on what you get, but its more than offset by the quality of the burger. Awesome!

Apologies for the quality of the pics, apparently I don't know how to use my camera phone. Plus, not being an official food blogger and burger authority, it did feel a little awkward. Still, here they are!


Anonymous said...

I had the smokey, and it had so much bacon on it, I will never know if the burger was good or not. I thought this place was ok, and considering the price, my expectations were pretty high.

Anonymous said...

Try the chorizo burger at the Rosemead in Esquimalt. It is, in fact, the best burger in town.

dk said...

Is that chorizo burger actually a burger, or is just a chorizo patty?

I was alerted to it a while ago, but never bothered investigating because it didn't sound like it was a real burger.