Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Maude Hunter's Pub—3810 Shelbourne Street—250•721•2337

Angus Burger

This is a burger that comes highly recommended by readers and randoms. Often when a local burger receives accolades it's because someone's life partner is the grill cook at the restuarant, or it's the only burger the person is aware of that doesn't use a frozen patty. Sometimes (in the case of Heckler's Bar and Grill) the readers will tip us off to a hidden treat. That's not the case with Maude's though.

The flame-grilled nature of this patty is certainly appreciated, but I can't get behind anything else it stands for. Like freckles on a ginger, little green sprigs of something are liberally sprinkled throughout the patty. The flavour of the sprigs completely overwhelms here and highlights a certain level of pretention that is prevalent in a number of local burger packages. A word of advice to these places: non-essential burger spices are not exotic or impressive, and they rarely enhance the flavour of your beef. Stop clowning around and just cut this shit out ok?

Aside from the patty there's nothing much else to mention here. You've got a decent sesame seed kaiser, the regular vege mix, and some chipotle mayo: we've seen it all before, and it's not backing up anything too remarkable. If this burger was a baseball team it would be the L.A. Dodgers: looking to impress with a bit of a sideshow, but not likely to win a pennant anytime soon.

VERDICT: Better than your average Victoria burger, but suffers significantly from experimentation.


Anonymous said...

your opinion is just that your opinion but ask any kitchen staff member at Maudes they will tell you there is No thyme anywhere near this burger. So ya, your thyme rant is a little perplexing,how bout a little love for a house made patty with NO thyme in it?

dk said...

looked and tasted like thyme to me

review has been changed to remove any mention of thyme

whatever is in there it's too overpowering and nixes any points the patty gets for being house made

Anonymous said...

awesome review!

Anonymous said...

A few problems with this review.

You state that "the flame broiled nature of the patty is appreciated". Of course it's flame broiled, how else would it be cooked?

You go on to say" stop clowning around and cut the shit out" making it clear that simple is best, and you are not a big fan of anything mildly out of the ordinary.

But strangely you then follow that up with bashing the lack of creativity by using chipotle mayo and stating "we've seen it all before" making it clear that you are not a big fan of simplicity.

I am puzzled at how to read this review with the numerous contradictions that are in play here. It sadly reminds me of when Homer Simpson becomes a food critic and begins bashing everything he samples just for the sake of excitement.

I would like to think that the Victoria Burger Blog has not fallen into the void of bored critics looking for drama, ranting just for the sake of it.
I invite you to return to Maude Hunter's Pub and give the burger a second chance, and if nothing else to recognize that we are at least providing something house made instead of raiding the freezer whenever a customer walks through the door like a majority of other pubs in Victoria.

Gaetano said...

first of all i would like to start off by saying you are a retard. second of all, you probably work for maudes. third of all, im sorry for calling you a retard, but reading your anonymous comment has made me very angry.

""You state that "the flame broiled nature of the patty is appreciated". Of course it's flame broiled, how else would it be cooked?""

Grilled, flat topped, baked, broiled or even fucking piece of shit microwaved. there are tons of ways burgers are cooked other than flame broiled you moron.

And numerous contradictions you say? There are two contradictions that aren't even contradictions. since when is noticing a trend ,like using chipotle mayo, being against simplicity. you my friend, are a retard.

what the fuck is up with people being so defensive of maudes anyways.

by the way, great simpsons reference and congratulations for making a homemade patty. that automatically puts you above places like Aura. retard!

dk said...

"how else would it be cooked"

Uh, well a number of ways actually. It could be griddled, it could be flame grilled rather than broiled, it could be straight up broiled, pan-fried, etc.

You can read into the rest of the review however you want, but I'll try to tell you what my intent was. I don't like when restaurants over-spice their patties and try to pass them off as "fancy". More is not necessarily better.

Putting thyme, or parsely, or whatever in a patty is not particularly out of the ordinary. Floyd's does it, Pink Bike used to do, and a number of other places too I'm sure.

Unique would be using something other than what is likely the same chipotle mayo that gets supplied to countless other restaurants in the city. Maybe the review reads as being contradictory, but I don't see it that way. A burger has many elements and some I prefer to be simplified (such as the patty) and with others I often enjoy some house flare(condiments, toppings).

If you had read our full review of Maude's you would notice that the final verdict rates the burger as actually "better than your average Victoria burger".

You and dozens of other restaurants and pubs in town are providing house made patties. I don't feel any special recognition should be given for doing something that countless other restaurants do.

I'm willing to try this burger again in the future, but based on the couple of times I have already tried it, there are a number of other burgers that stand out above this one.

Finally if something gets a less than favourable review it's because it's not very good. Of our last 10 reviews, I would say around half have given favourable ratings. Victoria is not a big burger city, and our reviews often reflect that.

Ok that's it. Not everyone loves you. Accept it.

Gaetano said...


Anonymous said...

Their wings are .35 cents you cheap Fuck!

This is a Burger blog, not a Chicken Wing blog...Fucking Moron lol.

Gaetano said...

i dont care about the money you presumptive piece of shit. the wings taste like shit. jesus christ you people have absolutely no wit. this isn't an dipshit blog, but we let idiots like you post your stupid fucking comments. "not a wing blog". No shit you retard. Now go and learn how to make a hamburger.

Shermy said...

You have to appreciate how Melchior created a blogspot account just to make a comment on you blog, though!

Richard said...

I think you guys should get together and fight each other...

Anonymous said...

Since this review we have had a change of chefs and ask the burger blogger to come back into maudes and try our burger again. With a change of attitude and change of recipes the pretentious burger is gone and I think you'd be pleasantly surprised!

Anonymous said...

After reading your TC article I decided to take a gander at your reviews. I do not agree will all your reviews however I did find a few funny ones….especially the Shark Club

By the way Maude Hunters Burgers are good !!

In response to Gaetano....WOW….so witty, well spoken and educated replies. Using such clever words as 'retard' 'idiot' ‘fucking moron’ and 'piece of shit'. Put a tent over that circus !!

I think you need some anger management or to finally pass grade 8, or maybe move out of your mom's basement.

Everybody is entitled to opinion! I thought I would give mine.

I’m glad you all have so much time to deal with these important local issues

Verdict: Over Done, Over Publicized

Gaetano said...

Anonymous. I'm sorry. I'm just not as educated or as classy as you. I like to mix it up often with poor language. By the way, I have always put the quality of my wit high and above everybody else, so I am taken aback by your sarcasm. Thank you also for prescribing me anger management classes. Wow! In retrospect I realize that you have just tackled so many issues and put so many things into place with your last post. Especially your play on the "verdict" aspect of our blog. "Over done, over publicized". Fucking Brilliant. QUICK! Somebody hire this anonymous poster as a "be all end all" blog commenter. Just genius.

Oh wait sorry I almost forgot to tell everybody that this post is "just my opinion", just so you don't get the idea that its someone elses opinion. Plus it really adds to the effect of my post.

Hal said...

Two things about Maude's (it's near my house, I go there A LOT, I enjoy it for the most part):

1. Gaetano is right: their wings are beyond terrible.

2. I'm not sure when (or if) this burger chef change really happened, but whoever's in charge needs to stop putting those wet, halfway-cooked white onions in there... Either cook them or don't!

Anonymous said...

What the hell...I was at Maude's the other night and the burger was crumbling apart. It's gone from juicy and flavorful to flavorless and dry.
I know they want people to drink more there but making a dry disgusting burger is a pretty shitty way to go about it.

MY said...

The food at Maude's in general has been very poor lately and I have told the front house staff. I live across the street too and have sent wings back to the kitchen. The last burger I had was way to salty. I'm glad to hear they hired some new kitchen staff!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to know how they came up with the name Maude Hunter's???? MY REAL NAME IS " MAUDE HUNTER". I live in Wisconsin,USA. I think it's awesome but it's such a odd name.I just wonder if they have a shirt that I can buy that says Maude

Anonymous said...

It's disappointing, Maude Hunter's has gone WAY downhill since this last spring.
How can a pub go from being well known for their quality to all of a sudden being known once again as a dive...

Dalamar said...

Props to Maudes on their fries though... Regardless what you think of their burger, you can't deny, the fries that come with it are darn tootin tasty!

Anonymous said...

The burgers have so much bread crumbs and hp sauce you can taste it!
Simply gross. I think the owners know jack about pub food and should maybe sell it to someone who cares and will deliver nice edible food to the neighbours.

Anonymous said...

I went to Maudes a few nights ago and I tell you one thing their burgers suck!! I will never order or better yet go back and eat there. This place is also trying to be a nightclub keep that to the people that actually know how to run a nightclub and maybe the owners need to clean house and get new staff and management to run a pub properly (also get someone in the kitchen ummm like a real chef that knows what a real burger is)!!!!