Friday, April 17, 2009

Aura: Point Burger Redux

Point Burger

(Lunch Only)

I am happy to say the Point Burger remains the top burger in Victoria: a remarkable achievement for a package that uses a supplier patty. The patty used in this little trip to heaven comes from Centennial Food Services and is made of Sterling Silver Alberta Beef. It was just as juicy and delicious on your recent trip as it was the first time we met this sly little vixen. Would this burger be better with a house made patty? Perhaps; but maybe it's better to not mess with a good thing.

The only thing that has changed since our original review is the bun. The bun on our recent trip was a little smaller and chewier, but still played among the other items well. The wild B-C mushrooms, perfectly melted cheese and crisp, salty bacon all envelope the patty like the warm arms of a first love. This really is one of the true triumphs of the local burger scene.

This redux review wouldn't be complete without a quick note on the service and recognition we received on our recent trip to Aura. Apparentely we're credible reviewers or something because our waiter said he quotes our earlier review often, and has sold "at least two hundred burgers" based on its plaudits. This guy was so excited to meet us you'd think he'd just received a miracle wish. We actually ended up getting an industry discount and being introduced to the sous chef. Yes it's true; somehow we've turned an unhealthy alternative to meeting girls into something worthy of respect. Kind of hilarious yah?

VERDICT: Aura and the Victoria Burger Blog: BOTH FUCKING MAJOR!


Trevor G. said...

I have yet to try the Aura Point Burger. It does sound amazing, but I have a little trouble with the pre-fab patty. From the pics it looks very 'packed' texture wise. Is this something that affects the flavour or is the pre-fab patty just made with some integrity unlike other suppliers (ND Sysco)? Do you think that they have found the perfect patty for their burger; or do you feel like they could make a better one in-house? In any case, this one is on my to-do list. By the way, glad to see you guys made it onto the Hamburger Today site (stray links column). Good on ya!

dk said...

The quality of the beef used in the Centennial patties is top 12% in Canada, so its integrity is pretty good. Definitely much better than your average frozen ND Sysco patty.

A house-made patty might improve this package, but its pretty damn good as is. Really kind of hard to knock it.

A Hamburger Today has been pretty good with the mentions lately. Twice on the front page in the last month!

ps. thanks for the kudos

christabel said...

Based on the your endorsement Patty and I went for a sampling of the Aura burger a couple of weeks ago. This is definitely a top notch burger - for sure one of the best in town. Full flavour, but didn't leave me with a gross feeling. I love the view too, but the flashy digs highlighted our scruffy appearances.
We also like the way the fries come in vintage newspaper - including a story about Eastern European slaves printed on it.

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