Thursday, March 26, 2009

Monday Magazine Mentions Yours Truly

Just a quick note to thanks James Russell of Monday Magazine for giving us a shout-out in his recent review of The Pink Bicycle.

He reviews the regular burger, the buffalo burger, and the halibut burger in his column this week. The assessment of the Pink Bicycle Burger is pretty fair (I can't speak to the other ones, because I haven't tried anything else at Pink Bike). He does have a few minor criticisms of the burger, which are nice to see as a number of other reviewers are waaayyyyyyyyy too kind to restaurants in Victoria.

So Monday has given us some press; now it's your turn Times Colonist.


Shermy said...

Has your hit count risen appreciably since the mention?

dk said...

Visits are up about 20 a day on average. I attribute that more to the Facebook group than the Monday Mag story though.