Friday, February 13, 2009

UVIC Campus Centre Cafe

Bacon Cheeseburger

Not much to mention here, as this is no better or worse than your average cheap cafeteria fare. The patties are pre-cooked and held in a tub of water; left to steam away on the grill. They are then tossed onto the grill for a few minutes where they are topped with cheese and a slice of mediocre bacon. The taste of this patty is so insignificant that the bun ends up being the only thing you really notice in this package. Sure it's cheap, but so are batteries at the dollar store—and you know those are useless.

VERDICT: Why bother.


John said...

Boy, those kind of burgers take you back to the 'bad old days' of institutional food. A link I think you guys might be interested in:
Now Fletcher's you can get in the grocery stores here, and is my regular bacon of choice, but there are some different ones there to try. No wild boar yet, however. (Your description of the wild boar bacon was classic, that and the shot you took at people BBQing in Victoria). As bacon fans, might be worth a look, especially as it's in Portland.

dk said...

thanks for the suggestion

I was expecting the link to be a bacon-worship site as opposed to an ordering site.

John said...

Speaking of bacon worship, you and Guy should try this one. Although the BBQ sauce may not work for you...