Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sally Bun—1030 Fort Street—250-384-1899

Mozza/Dill Burger
Salsa/Cheese Burger

$4 each

You have to wake up pretty early in the morning to get a burger from Sally Bun. Well maybe not that early, but you do generally have to be there before noon. When I rolled in around eleven o'clock there was only one mozza/dill burger left. So what's the deal? Why the draw? Is a Sally Bun burger really worth getting up before noon?

First let me confirm that these are indeed burgers, and not Piroshki, or some other non-burger item. Yes we are dealing with a stuffed bun, but the patty and other ingredients have clearly defined compartments within that bun. Given the lack of free-form mixing of the beef and other elements, the Sally Bun Burger does in fact qualify as a burger.

Alright, so it's a burger—but is it any good? Both the burgers I sampled had the same bun, and it is an excellent one. Unfortunately, especially in the case of the salsa/cheese burger; the bun is completely sabotaged by its innards.

You know the feeling of picking a Purdy's chocolate out of the box, and you bite into it and it's a fucking ginger? You pick off the chocolate coating, and curse yourself for not consulting the map. You wonder why the sweet milk chocolate has been violated by the vile ginger. In short: you feel cheated.

That's what it's like eating a burger from Sally Bun. You bite into a soft, chewy, fresh and flavourful bun only to find a goddamn pre-fab patty inside. I can't fully describe how shocked and appalled I was to find a sausagey supplier patty hiding inside both these burgers. In the case of the mozza/dill burger, I was able to focus on the bun and push the feeble patty out of my mind to some degree. The same can't be said for the salsa burger though.

How a place that manages to maintain such a high standard with the rest of its items managed to pump out this garbage is beyond me. Seriously Sally Bun, what's the deal with your salsa burger? It tastes like you just dumped a bunch of Que Pasa and shredded cheese into it. Why are you doing this to yourself? I feel like I should call up your friends and mount an intervention. You're really hurting yourself and I'm worried. It's like you've invented this incredible bun, and now you feel some sort of sick need to punish yourself for it. I know it's a sin to be proud, but it's not a sin to make a good burger. Stop fucking around with these low quality ingredients: it's below you.

VERDICT: Surprisingly disappointing. A good bun ruined by the sort of lazy burger making practices that are all too prevalent in Victoria.

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