Friday, February 20, 2009

Rashed's Convenience Lunch Counter—18 Grafton Street—Charlottetown, PEI—902-892-6565

Deluxe Cheeseburger

Editor's Note: Please enjoy this special east coast burger report from casual burger blog contributor Helen Kennedy. Hopefully this is the first of many maritime reports!

Last year at this time, Rashed’s Convenience and Lunch-Counter was being fined for selling cigarettes to under-age buyers; fortunately for lunch-counter enthusiasts, Rashed seems to be focusing more on burgers and less on siphoning the allowance money of 12-year-old smokers these days. It’s also incredibly fortunate that Rashed doesn’t appear to be making the customers pay for his $250 fine: the first day we went the lunch special was either 2 cheeseburgers for $4.32 or a cheeseburger and fries for the same price. On day two, the special was a deluxe (2 patties with cheese, fries, coleslaw, and some veggies) burger platter for $6.29.

For a west-coaster whose brother founded a burger blog, the biggest thing Rashed’s Convenience has going for it is that eating a burger that’s been freshly made right in front of your eyes on a stool in a convenience store is awesome. After you order and while you’re perusing the store for a drink and maybe that toothpaste you forgot to buy yesterday while you were running errands, Rashed throws a ball of ground beef on the grill, mashes it down, and starts cooking.

The burger itself is delicious because it’s a novelty, the bun is soft, and the bun to burger ratio is good. However, this is a place to review and not to rave about every burger you’ve ever eaten; in which case, there are a couple things I have to take issue with: the cheese isn’t left on long enough to properly melt (although it was better with the deluxe burger), lettuce doesn’t come standard (you have to ask for it), and there’s no mayo (which is a personal condiment favourite). However, the service was good and we were eating in a convenience store.

VERDICT: Although not the best burger I’ve ever eaten, it was reminiscent of a backyard barbeque and you just can’t beat eating at a lunch-counter while the owner shows off pictures of his new baby.


Anonymous said...

Though I may be mistaken I don't think that you have stopped by the Heron Rock in James Bay. The Fat Buoy Burger, though the name does not scream unique flavorful experience, is certainly that. I think it's about 14 bucks for this burger and you will receive a juicy patty, topped with carmelized onions a tasty sauce and lettuce and tomato. All of this is served between a bun which is so good that it is served as a complimentary appetizer as well. Though you do have to pay extra for mushrooms, cheese, and bacon, I would say this is the best burger in town. Plus the fries that are served are plentiful and delicious. Go enjoy the Heron Rock Fat Buoy Burger.

dk said...

yah the fries are excellent at Heron Rock

It's definitely on the list of places to go to, but may be a few weeks at least before we get to it.