Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My-Chosen Cafe—4492 Happy Valley Road—250-474-2333

Workman Burger

Ever ate at a restaurant with a petting zoo in its backyard? Ever wished you could go chase a duck after knocking back a half-pound burger? Well My-Chosen Cafe is the place for you!

Go to a barbecue in Victoria and you'll find a bunch of assholes standing around eating zucchini kabobs and listening to fucking Hot Chip. Go to a barbecue in Metchosin and you'll find much more contented human beings eating a burger that is probably rather similar to what is on the menu at My-Chosen Cafe.

In what I can only assume is a very calculated move, My-Chosen actually punishes people who order the smaller burger on their menu. Order the combo burger and you get a 4oz pre-fab patty. Opt for the Workman and you get a healthy half-pound home-made patty. The patty manages to maintain flavour and a touch of juiciness, and is exactly what you would expect from a road-house restaurant like this.

My old nemesis barbecue sauce does rear its ugly head on this burger, but at least given the size of the patty its somewhat appropriate (the size being more akin to a small steak than a burger). The BBQ sauce is mixed with a red relish that is similar to what you would find at White Spot, and the top bun is smattered with mayo. The bun itself is perfectly proportioned to the burger, as opposed to being uneccessarily large. Aside from that, the bacon is crisp and the cheese is plentiful: overall a pleasant package.

Guy Alaimo Chimes In!!!!

Hey, I have a great idea. Lets go to Burger King and eat more food than any being that ever lived should ever eat, and then go eat another full meal RIGHT AFTER! This is what we did, and though regrettable, which was evident 2 hours later when I was laboring on my toilet for half-an-hour, it was truly the right move.

From now on we’ll skip Burger King on the way to this quaint village deep in the heart of Metchosin, and sample more of the menu at the My Chosen Café. The atmosphere was great. The waitress even flirted with me. Wearing a NIN shirt sometimes pays off, all right. She asked me if I went to the concert. She didn’t ask anybody else at the table what they were doing with their lives.

The burger was a thick, homemade patty, not too juicy, but settled with a nice layer of cheese and strips of crisp bacon. The barbeque sauce sent the burger in a bit of a separate direction taste wise, but there was just enough mayo to bring you back down to earth. The bun was soft and fantastic, not to big and not to small, but overall, the taste wasn’t out of this world. It’s just a damn big burger, for a great price.

VERDICT: No games being played here, just a filling, satisfying burger.

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