Saturday, February 28, 2009

Fairfield Fish and Chips REDUX

Cheeseburger (w/o fries)

Back about five or six years ago a list was compiled: a list of the so-called best burgers in Victoria. Fairfield Fish and Chips was at the top of that list.

The title (given by a Times Colonist tasting panel) was slightly tarnished by the list's other honourees. Screaming in at second and third on this best burger list were Milestone's and Pluto's. This is why I started this blog: no one, not even the would-be experts, have a fucking clue where to get a good burger in Victoria.

The burger at Fairfield continues to be a fairly decent diner number, but it's far from the best in the city. The fresh beef patty continues to be undermined by a grill-cook who commits the cardinal sin of pressing patties multiple times on the grill. Add that to the real cheddar cheese that feels slightly out of place, and you have a burger that doesn't quite live up to the hype.

Criticising real cheese may seem a little odd, but in a package like this I really feel American Cheese provides a more comforting flavour (something you'd expect from a small mom-and-pop style place like this). Even a mixture of cheddar and swiss (such as what is offered at Willow's Galley) would taste better than the thick, under-melted slice of cheese on display at Fairfield.

A light, fluffy bun, and the personal touch of a red pepper sliver to every burger still warm the cockles of my heart, but they don't stop this burger from being over-rated.


This is one of the better burgers in the area because they use a big patty with lots of flavor. They also use like half an inch of real cheddar cheese which will probably blow a few of you away. Some in a slightly negative way, such as myself. I think more mayo would have been better than that much cheese, but there is no doubt that this burger is in the upper tier of Victoria burgers if you ask them to fully melt the cheese.

VERDICT: It's good, but it could be significantly better.

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The Eater said...

I had this burger recently and while it wasn't terrible, I was somewhat disappointed - the patty was good and well but it had way too much cheese on it, cheese that was only half-melted. The blogger is right - the real cheddar doesnt work on this burger. They also put chopped up bell peppers on it which kind of kills the package. My burger had tartar sauce on it which I couldn't even taste. More condiments of this or other type would make this puppy a lot better.

Dont get me started on the bland fries with the funky oil taste.