Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wharfside Eatery—1208 Wharf Street—250-360-1808—

Ultimate Burger

Ho Hum, here we go again with another boring ass burger. The menu on their website says it's "hand-formed", but this sure looks and tastes like a sausagey supplier patty to me. The bun here is a little gummy, but not particularly bad. The special mayo is quite strong, and would probably overpower the entire unit if there was any more it. As it stands the top bun of this burger is completely dry. The bacon is salty and crisp; managing to balance out the underwhelming flavour and texture of the patty, but it can't save this unit alone. As far as obligatory menu burgers go, this one isn't exactly bad—it's just boring. In general burger terms this is a fairly crap burger though. Honestly I'm getting pretty fucking sick of reviewing burgers like this. No originality. No reason to bother with it as a menu item.

ps. This burger also comes with mushrooms. Not that it matters.

VERDICT: Whoooooo fucking cares about this boring burger. Dear Wharfside: your wait-staff (which is actually wonderful) deserve to serve a better product.


Anonymous said...

Try the Mychosin cafe "workman burger". in metchosin.

dk said...

Yah I've been trying to get out there for weeks, but no one wants to drive that far.

Trust me though, it's high on the list of places to go.