Friday, December 5, 2008

Gorge Pointe Pub—1075 Tillicum Road—250-386-5500

Prime Rib Beef Burger
(add $1 for bacon)

I am declaring Wednesday unofficial burger day in Victoria. Not just this Wednesday: every Wednesday. After discovering both Gorge Pointe, and Smith's Pub devote a coveted Wednesday dinner special spot to their burger; I think I'm justified. The burger at the Gorge Pointe Pub is definitely worth six bucks on a Wednesday, but for eleven....

This seven ounce, prime rib burger is satisfying—but nothing worth making a special trip past the horrible Douglas/Hillside intersection for.

The patty is a rather salty, char-broiled number with a faint whisper of juices. Tomato lovers (a group that doesn't include myself) will be happy with the hefty slice they'll find resting on top of an onion straw bed. Onion straw lovers aren't as lucky though, as these straws are dry and crunchy—crumbling and cracking like the brittle bones of an Oak Bay grandma who has just suffered a fall outside Pharmasave.

For only a dollar, the bacon is pretty decent, though its flavour is hidden a little by the onion straws. The onion bun is large and flat, offering a good bun:burger ratio with the wide-body patty. Although wider than your average bun, the relative flatness allows it to not overpower the rest of the burger. When it comes right down to it though, the Gorge Pointe Pub looks like a million other pubs, and the burger isn't wildly unique either.

VERDICT: Worth checking out for six bucks on a Wednesday, but too salty and onion-strawy for me to want to pay much more.


Richard said...

As a full on dare: Critique the burger at a Zellers...

dk said...

I've had the burger at Zeller's Tillicum before. It's definitely not great, but it isn't the worst I've ever had either.

They probably get their stuff from North Douglas/Sysco like most people do.