Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Fast Food Update: Burger King Angry Whopper

Angry Whopper (Single) $8?
(ordered a double, but was given a single... can't be sure what we were charged for)

Almost as annoying as the current Steakburger trend, is the pervasive "extreme" trend that pops up sporadically across the fast-food landscape. No matter who is serving up "extreme" burger-fare, you can be pretty sure their product is going to be about as extreme as a piano recital. Your average burger-munching fast-food frequenter can't handle outrageous heat, and therefore "spicy" burgers generally end up being rather tame. No body's going to buy your product if it makes them shit blue flame in the morning; they'll think they have e-coli.

The latest "extreme" fast-food burger offering comes from Burger King. Screamin' in at least five heat notches below Wendy's "Spicy Baconator" (I seriously wouldn't be worried about knocking a couple of these back before a date, family gathering, night with an escort, etc.) is the new "Angry Whopper".

Though it's nowhere near what I'd call an accurate culinary representation of anger, the "Angry Burger" is one of the better fast-food specialty burgers I've had in quite a while. The gushing processed flavour of this unit is quite comforting. Every ingredient tastes spectacularly bad for you, in the way that only a truly transcendent assembly-line foodstuff can. A fluffy white bun, sweet jalapenos, and an array of salts and chemicals provide perfect punctuation to any trip through Colwood. Save the glut of ketchup (which does come close to completely ruining this package), the "Angry Burger" is pretty tasty.

VERDICT: Unless it's ketchup and mayo, I have no idea what "Angry Sauce" is supposed to be, and this unit isn't much "angrier" than a regular Whopper. It still tastes about a thousand times better than a regular Whopper though.


christabel said...

so glad you guys got on this one -- Patty and I hit the Duncan Burger King a while back and upon seeing the sign for the "angry burger" we laughed innocently. We were delighted with the actual product, actually spicy...not just extra salty...That said, later on that evening the angry burger reared its horns on our bellies, but all we could do was laugh - it was after all the 'angry burger,' what could we expect....oh sweet 'angry burger,' so mischievous...

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