Saturday, November 1, 2008

Shark Club Bar and Grill — 2852 Douglas Street — 250-386-5888 —

Double-Fisted Bacon Cheese Burger

Normally I would apologise for the horrible nature of these cell phone pictures, but given how hideous this burger is, they're completely appropriate. I'm going to keep this review short and sweet, because there really isn't much to say. This is quite possibly the worst burger I have ever had. The patties taste like I-5 road garbage, and no amount of "spice rub" or "sundried tomato mayo" can ever change that. None of the other ingredients matter when your patties are this Karloffian. In the race for worst burger in town, we have our first contender.


Shotty service from a slutty waitress. What more do you want? The Shark Club is Canuck fan territory, every booth equipped with it's own television broadcasting a hockey game on any given night. But among the middle aged alcoholic construction workers and the twenty-something Zellers brand Vancouver Canuck t-shirt wearing assholes lies something even more disturbing: the food.

Everything here was terrible, from the 1/2 price pizza with chicken wing sauce, to the double cheeseburger that I couldn't even finish because it tasted like shit. The terrible service was icing on the cake. Sweetheart, I'm sorry my name isn't Tommy and I don't work for Farmer Construction. Is it O.K if I have a glass of water? Whore. Shark Club, your pub sucks.

VERDICT: Guy has told me horrible things about Cosmo's Pizza, but personally I haven't encountered a worse burger in Victoria yet.

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