Saturday, November 1, 2008

Monday Mag Reviews Fifth Street

People have been asking me for a Fifth Street Bar and Grill review since the day I started this blog. I'll get around to it eventually, but for now I present you with a Monday Mag review, and my own reaction.

Monday Review of Fifth Street Buffalo Burger: first choice, the massive buffalo burger, which comes with your choice of fries, Caesar or green salad. I added some perfectly sauteed mushrooms—for only a dollar more—to the fattest burger patty I have had in ages. With cheddar, barbecue sauce and chipotle mayo, this was one fine burger and, at 10 bucks, one of the best deals on the menu.

Massive? I don't remember this burger being any more than a 1/4 pound (1/3 at the most). Sure it may be larger than the usual 4oz, but calling this burger massive is incredibly misleading: it's like mistaking a gopher for a grizzly bear. You want to see a massive burger? This is a big burger. THIS is a massive burger. Really anything under a pound doesn't come close to massive.

Size aside, I have to say this burger is incredibly overrated. A large portion of its accolades can likely be attributed to the novelty of having your first bite of buffalo. Buffalo is good, but it can be done much better than 5th Street does it. Putting large dollops of barbecue sauce on a burger is pretty much the dumbest thing you can do to it. I have other problems with this burger, but I'll leave those comments for when I do a full review.

Aside from the burger part, I generally agree with what was said in Monday's review of 5th Street. The reviewer, James Russell, rightfully criticises a lot of their presentation, and seems to find most of the dishes underwhelming. Personally I feel 5th Street is one of the most overrated restaurants in town. Sure they have some cheap options, but a lot of the menu is pretty boring.


Richard McDevitt said...

I don't know man, I grew up in Whitehorse and the only buffalo burgers I could get at restaurants were frozen- despite the fact that we have buffalo roaming around just outside of town. Having fresh meat was pretty awesome. Although I do agree with the barbecue sauce thing. Buffalo is so tasty by itself.

Are there any other places you'd recommend for a good buffalo burger?

David said...

I find the Monday restaurant reviewer mostly accurate in his apraisals, but pretty tolerant - or ignorant - of the failings of some of the places he visits. In other words, he pussies out sometimes.

dk said...

The buffalo burger at Glo is quite good (and juicy, despite the fact I believe it comes from a supplier).

Otherwise, I'm not sure. Willow's Galley offers a buffalo burger, but I haven't tested it, though I assume it is hand-formed (as their beef burger is).

I agree that buffalo is tasty by itself, and that is exactly why I think 5th Street is so overrated. They absolutely murder their patty with barbecue sauce and a crappy bun.

ps. David I totally agree with you: he's an absolute pussy sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Hey, dumbass! 1/3 is a LARGER portion than 1/4 lb.! Get some brains before you go flapping you gums. Even if the restaurant's food and service is worthy of a Gordon Ramsay makeover, you should at least come off smarter than the people you're criticizing!

dk said...

"Hey, dumbass! 1/3 is a LARGER portion than 1/4 lb.!

"I don't remember this burger being any more than a 1/4 pound (1/3 at the most)."

I said the burger was possibly larger than the average 4oz (or quarter pound) but not massive. I said I remember it being apx a 1/4 pound, but possibly larger.

Don't quite understand what your criticism is here. Get some reading comprehension skills before you go flamin.

Richard McDevitt said...

No shit. This guy has rage problems...and he's stupid.

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