Thursday, November 20, 2008

Exciting Burger News!!

Just got a tip in the comments from someone mentioning a brand new burger joint (the place just opened Monday).

The new place is called the Pink Bicycle Gourmet Burger Joint, and it's downtown at 1008 Blanshard. Can't wait to give it a try.

Check out this sample menu... the Yorkshire Burger looks promising.

A1. Beef Burger - Hand harmonized grain fed Alberta angus beef tenderly nustled into a rosemary rock salt bun. Clothed in BC butter lettuce, organic BC grown tomatoes and the rest of the pack.

A2. The Inside-out Veggie Burger
- The patty is the bun! Organic red and green lentils mingling with organic carrots corn and dates. These miscreants are cozied around an beautiful array of seasonal local vegtables, and a delicious minted yogurt.

A3. Honest House Made Fries
- Clandestine procedures done by our own house chemist/cooks to bring you the most exquisite french fry flavor.

A4. The Pork Burger
- Organic pork chalked full of green onions and ginger. Nestled into a beautifully toasted bun, and topped with grilled pineapple, house teryaki, and mozarella.

A5. The Yorkshire Burger
- ............gravy......yorkshire pudding.......ground sirloin.......Questions?


christabel said...

seriously - yorkshire burger! That's brilliant~

Travis said...

I was there Saturday morn, after it was supposed to be open. . . and it didn't open. My speculation: the cook was hung-over and didn't show up. But I'm still willing to give it a chance. Ended up having a good sandwich at The Little Piggy, so the trip downtown wasn't a waste of time.

dk said...

I've tried to hit it twice now without any luck. Went on Friday night around 9pm and it was closed, and went Saturday around 4:30pm and it was closed as well.

I assume they're still working out some bugs during their first week. Hopefully their hours get sorted soon.

christabel said...

it's like some clever play at garnering attention - WHEN WILL IT OPEN! Patty said he saw them raising the bicycle, you'd think that would mean impending burgers?
Planning a drive by tonight...even though we're recovering from a deep fry extravaganza last night....ohhh belly, why do I punish you...

dk said...

my cousin just e-mailed me saying her husband's friend runs the Pink Bicycle...

didn't give any news on hours or the yorkshire burger though.

ps. me and Guy are going to try and hit it for lunch on Friday if you're interesting in trying