Saturday, October 4, 2008

Shag's Fish and Chips — 2656 Quadra Street — 250-381-2656


(add $0.80 each for cheese and bacon)

If you're going to eat at Shag's, make sure you order to go — because if you don't you'll be stuck in a weird bus-station/family kitchen style atmosphere that isn't exactly enjoyable. Sitting behind me at Shag's was a lonely old woman who felt the need to comment on everything being said at the table across the room (regardless of whether or not anyone was paying attention to her). At the other table was a group that appeared to have some sort of blood-relation to Shag's. Their group was led by an annoying fat-faced child that wouldn't stop talking about hip-hop dancing and how she was probably "really bloody" when she was born.

But anyhooo... on to the burger...

The burger at Shag's is pretty yawn-tastic. Bland, likely pre-frozen patty, thin fast-food style bacon, and a pretty boring condiment mix. On the bottom of the bun you've got your red relish (which is a condiment that really needs to be coupled with others to be affective) and on the top is a whisper of mayo. The bun is a pretty decent D'Italiano style kaiser. It tasted fine, but it was ripping at the seams a little. I hate to think what would have happened to it if this burger was at all greasy. Shag's has obviously added this burger as more of a toss-off menu item than anything else. This is easily the least of the (albeit very few) burgers in the Quadra Village area.

VERDICT: Don't bother with this one — go to Pizza All Nite instead.

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