Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Island Burger News

As I was searching for mentions of the burger blog on the internet, I came across this post.

This is what particularly sparked my interest:

"I want to open a burger place–good burgers seem to be lacking in most places, Victoria is no exception. When a decent burger place opens and word gets around, line ups are the norm. While we agree that ingredients and quality should rule, style is a point of discussion. I’m kind of a burger shack type and C. is more the Moderne Burger type.

We drove out the Saanich Peninsula to check out a burger joint that we heard was for sale –strangely it was closed for the holiday, so we couldn’t sample it’s wares. Looking thru the windows we agreed the place itself is a bit too fussy and kitschy for our taste and the location wasn’t ideal.

Still it was a nice drive and not a waste of time at all."

I have no idea what the joint in Saanich is, but pretty exciting to know that someone is considering opening a true burger-joint in the area.

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