Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bacon Hamburger Fatty Melt

Today I celebrated election day by creating a burger that I found here.

It's a double burger that uses grilled cheese sandwiches as bun layers.

You will need:

1. 3 grilled cheese sandwiches
2. 6 strips of bacon(at least)
3. 2 beef patties
4. Condiments of choice.

First you should cook the bacon fairly well then scrape them off to the side of your frying pan before chucking on a couple of your favorite beef patties. I went with a local company called Glenwood Meats because they were the only frozen patties at my local grocery store, and they ended up being fairly good tasting patties.

Let the frozen beef cook on medium to high heat for a few minutes before removing the bacon that you corralled off to the side of your frying pan. Flip your patties after they cook on one side, then put the uncooked grilled cheese sandwiches on the pan, preferably on-top of the bacon and burger grease; this way you don't need to butter the bread, but you still can if you want.

The grilled cheese sandwiches shouldn't take long to cook, so pull them off before the burgers fully cook. Lay one grilled cheese sandwich onto your plate, add any condiments you like, then lay the first patty down. Lay the second grilled cheese sandwich on top of the patty and then lay another patty down. Finally, lay the final grilled cheese sandwich on top of the second patty and viola.

If you plan on eating this burger take a few hours to relax after. I ended up falling asleep face first in bacon grease and woke up with a mouthful of stomach acid, so be careful. This isn't something you should be eating before that big date!
Go ahead and make yourself a Bacon Hamburger Fatty Melt. They taste great.


dk said...

I tried this today, but with two sammies, two patties, no bacon. Not for the lighthearted, that's for sure. If you ate one of these and then had a FatKreme, you'd probably put yourself in a grease coma.

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