Saturday, October 11, 2008

Aura (Laurel Point Inn) — 680 Montreal Street — 250-386-8721 —

Point Burger

Lunch Only (11:30AM-2PM)

I've been craving a date with this burger for over two months. Aura first peaked my curiosity when I discovered they had brought a Food Network muckity-muck, and a bunch of his buddies from Calgary into their fold. As if news a celebrity chef was making burgers in Victoria wasn't enough, the Aura menu also revealed the kitchen was using a house made bun to house its burger. Does anyone else in Victoria use a house made bun? I fucking doubt it. So after months of daydreaming about this burger, does it live up to expectations?

Fucking rights it does. The Point Burger makes the offering down the street at The Pacific look like a McDonald's focus group reject. The pre-formed, premium Alberta beef patty retains a surprisingly bold flavour, and is delightfully juicy as well. The texture and flavour of the mushrooms is magnificently subtle, and the house made bun is —thankfully — light (if a little too small for the patty).

The menu lists bacon as a topping, but I didn't notice it (probably because it was hiding in small chunks under the cheese). The only condiment on the burger was a house mayonnaise, which appeared to have been mixed with a smidgen of Dijon. There was just enough mayo to enhance the overall flavour of the burger, but not overpower the patty.

Despite a glut of toppings, you are never brought too far away from what is a truly wonderful patty. This is beef that tastes like beef, and its flavour is only enhanced by the patty's mayo and mushroom pals. I really wish this burger was offered on a dinner menu, because it pretty much blows away everything else in town. I still have a few lunch burgers to try (including a great sounding number at Blue Crab) but right now Aura sits at the top of the heap.

ps. As if the burger wasn't enough, this place has a fucking incredible hand dryer in the bathroom. When I stuck my hand in it I felt like Bill Paxton in Twister.


I think the last time I saw our waiter was four years ago outside 7-11, and we almost got into a drunk fight. Maybe good burgers create friends, because we talked like I had save his family from certain death. This is the best tasting burger I have ever ate in my life. The juices were dripping like crazy, the mayo was expertly mixed with the bacon and mushrooms; it was just fucking incredible.

This is what sixteen dollars should get you. According to places like Moxie's and Earl's, sixteen bucks gets you a dry and tasteless patty with a buttered bun. The Laurel Point Inn does it right. Every new bite was as savoury and delicious as the last: the good times never stopped rolling.

For the last month, every time I saw Donald at school he would mention the Aura burger, and how much we needed to go. I remember one week I couldn't muster up the cash to go, and it was like watching somebody find out they have cancer. Well, Donald is one for building up hype around a burger and having it come through. I think a second visit to Aura is long overdue, and it's only been four days.

VERDICT: I'm having a hard time thinking of a better burger in Victoria.

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Anonymous said...

"According to places like Moxie's and Earl's, sixteen bucks gets you a dry and tasteless patty with a buttered bun."

Have you guys even been to Earl's? The Earl's in Victoria isn't one of the chain's best examples; however, I've never had a burger anywhere that was as delicious as an Earl's burger.